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posted by Seanthehedgehog
After getting the Cello, Dexter gave Octavia some time to play it.

Octavia: *playing Octavia's Overture*
Dexter: *sits سے طرف کی Octavia* Have آپ played before?
Octavia: Yes, but not in a long time.
Dexter: آپ sound wonderful.
Octavia: Thank you.
Dexter: Please, continue playing.

While Octavia was playing her music, a group of ponies in the KKK were making a plan to attack. They were riding humans, and were all armed with guns.

KKK leader: Alright, see that house?
KKK ponies: Yeah.
KKK Leader: That's where Octavia Melody is. We need to get in there, and kill her! Now, put your masks on, and let's go.
KKK pony: *putting bag on head* Damn. I can't see fucking shit out of this thing.
KKK leader: We ready یا what?
KKK Pony: Ah, hold on, I'm fucking with my eyehole. *rips eye hole* Oh. Oh shit. Ugh, I just made it worse.
KKK ٹٹو 2: Who made this goddamn shit?!
KKK ٹٹو 3: I don't know.
KKK ٹٹو 4: Make your own goddamn mask!
KKK ٹٹو 1: Look, nopony is saying they don't appreciate what Jimmy did.
KKK ٹٹو 2: Well if all I had to do was cut a hole in a bag, I could've cut it better than this!
KKK ٹٹو 5: What about آپ Robert? Can آپ see?
KKK ٹٹو 6: Not too good. I mean, if I don't اقدام my head, I can see آپ pretty good, مزید یا less. But when I start riding, the bag's moving all over, and then I can't see.
KKK ponies: *Complaining*
KKK leader: I just made mine worse. Did anyone bring an extra bag?
KKK ٹٹو 2: No! Nopony brought, an extra bag!
KKK leader: I was just asking!
KKK ٹٹو 7: Do we have to wear them while we're riding?
KKK ٹٹو 1: Oh, we're screwed then! If we don't wear them while we're riding it just defeats the purpose!
KKK ٹٹو 2: Well I can't see in this fucking thing!! I can't breath right, and it's because I'm wearing this fucking thing!
KKK ٹٹو 4: To hell with آپ all, I'm going home! My friend made 30 bags for آپ ungrateful peices of hell, and all I can hear is criticize, criticize, criticize! So from now on, don't ask me for anything! *leaves*
KKK ٹٹو 1: Now, look, let's not forget why we're here! We've got a killer کتیا, کتيا in that house down yonder, and we gotta teach her a lesson!
KKK Leader: Ok, I'm confused. Are the bags on, یا off?
KKK ٹٹو 6: I think- we all think the bags were a nice idea.
KKK Ponies: Mmhmm, yeah.
KKK ٹٹو 6: Now, I'm not blaming anyone, but they could've been done better. So how about, no bags this time? But اگلے time, we do the bags right, and then we attack, non stop.
KKK Ponies: Ok, yeah. I like that idea.
KKK ٹٹو 1: Wait a minute, I didn't say no bags!
KKK Leader: But nopony can see.
KKK ٹٹو 1: So?
KKK Leader: So it'd be nice to see.
KKK ٹٹو 1: Goddamnit! This is a raid!! I can't see! آپ can't see! So what?! All that matters is if the fucking humans can see?! That's a raid!!!

Shortly after that

Octavia: *putting away cello*
Dexter: *looking out window* Octavia? We got company!

2 B continued
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my little ٹٹو friendship is magic
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my little ٹٹو friendship is magic
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