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posted by Seanthehedgehog
I created this fanfic last year. Many of the older users, such as TawnyJay, and Starwarsfan7 enjoyed it, and I hope آپ guys enjoy it too.

Aah christmas time. It only comes to us once a year, but when it does everyone has a good time. It was the 15th of December, and Sugarcube Corner was very busy. Mr, and Mrs Cake were making cakes like there was no tomorrow. Pound and کدو, لوکی were learning how to walk, thanks to Pinkie Pie. Their first few attempts weren't so good, but it seemed like they were going to do it. "Come on," Pinkie said, "Everyone has to learn how to walk." Pound almost got it, but fell to the floor. Pinkie smiled, it was her پسندیدہ thing to do other then making cupcakes. "We'll do some مزید tomorrow." When Pinkie got back to her job she saw قوس قزح Dash. "DASHIE!" She shouted. "Hi Pinkie Pie, how are آپ doing today?" قوس قزح Dash asked. "Today is great." Pinkie کہا bouncing around. "I almost got Pound and کدو, لوکی to walk." "Walking?" Dash asked, "Don't آپ think it's too early to teach them how to walk?" Before Pinkie could respond Mr. Cake told her she could hang with قوس قزح Dash. "Ok, thanks." Pinkie replied happy. The two ponies walked together asking what they wanted for christmas. "I want to be part of the wonderbolts." Dash said. "You, and those wonderbolts." Pinkie exclaimed, "What I want is to see Santa Claus." "Who's Santa Claus?" Dash asked confused. "Oh Dashie everyone knows who Santa Claus is." Pinkie said, and then she started to sing.

Who's the guy that gives everyone presents
Who's the guy that has reindeer pulling a sled
Who's the guy that wears a red کوٹ
It's Santa Claus آپ heard me
Santa Claus thats right

After her song about Santa Claus Pinkie's دوستوں ran towards her asking her questions. Who is Santa Claus? what does he look like? What are reindeer? Have آپ seen Santa Claus before? As Pinkie answered the questions, Applebloom, and her دوستوں Sweetie Belle, and Scootaloo arrived. "Rainbow Dash whats up?" Scootaloo asked. "Hey," she replied, "What's up? Nothing but the sky, and of course me." Dash laughed a little while Scootaloo stared at her smiling. "Pinkie Pie," Applebloom said, "I heard ya sing a song, and I wanted to ask what it was about?" Pinkie was getting a little tired explaining to everyone who Santa Claus was. "I wrote a song about him. Hear آپ go." Pinkie Pie handed Applebloom a peice of paper that said, Santa's song. The lyrics were on it, with the notes, and how to sing it. "Thanks Pinkie." Applebloom کہا running off with her friends.

While Applebloom and Sweetie Belle were running towards their clubhouse (With Scootaloo flying above them)someone tripped them. "What was that?" Sweetie Belle asked. Then Diamond Tiara showed up out of nowhere, and snatched the paper away from Applebloom. "What's this?" She asked. Silverspoon was standing اگلے to Tiara sticking her tongue out at Scootaloo for not getting tripped. "Santa Claus?" Tiara finally said, "Who the hell is that?" "It says Pinkie Pie wrote it." Silverspoon replied. "What a lame name." Tiara said. This made Applebloom mad, "Shut up! Pinkie Pie is a cool pony, and I'll tell her that آپ چرا لیا, چوری کی her song from me." Sweetie Belle used her magic to take the song from Diamond Tiara, and get her stuck in the ground. "AH! Silverspoon, get me out of here!" Tiara said. With that the cutie mark crusaders were off heading to there clubhouse.

Pinkie Pie was making snow angles, and she saw Derpy flying by. "Hi Derpy," Pinkie said, "I made some snow angles." Derpy looked and said, "Thats cool Pinkie Pie." Then she dropped a ten pound dumbell from her mailbag while she wasn't looking. It landed on Rarity while she watched Pinkie making snow angles. "Bloody hell Derpy, watch what your doing!" She shouted. "Whaaaat?" Derpy asked, because she didn't hear Rarity. "Oh forget it!" Rarity کہا walking back to her house to redo her make-up after it got ruined from the weight Derpy dropped. قوس قزح Dash soon arrived. She looked like someone beat her up, but she was just working very hard kicking clouds. "The wind was moving them so fast even I had a hard time keeping up with them." Dash exclaimed, "I even had to do a sonic rainboom just to get one." "Must have been a dream آپ had." Pinkie replied. Dash was infuriated, "I'm not! If it's Discord, I'm going to break his neck." Then two fillies walked up. They looked a little nervous, but asked which one of them was Pinkie Pie.

"I'm Pinkie Pie!" کہا Pinkie Pie, "who are you?" The filly then replied, "I'm Diamond Tiara." After she کہا that, قوس قزح Dash told her they had to go, grabbed Pinkie, and flew away as fast as she could. "Why did آپ do that?" Pinkie asked. "I know that filly, she's annoying as hell." Pinkie looked confused, "Why?" "Pinkie, that was Diamond Tiara, the most obnoxious ٹٹو in the world." Dash said. "I don't know why she asked who آپ were, but it's probably because of Applebloom." They soon went off to sweet سیب, ایپل acres to warn Applebloom. "Diamond Tiara probably wants something Pinkie gave you." Dash said. Applebloom then picked up a peice of paper that کہا Song For Santa. "My song." Pinkie کہا in excitement. Then Twilight arrived with Spike, Diamond Tiara and Silverspoon. "Goddamnit." Dash said, looking at Tiara. "Applebloom, did آپ take something from Diamond Tiara?" When she heard that سوال Applebloom was mad, "She چرا لیا, چوری کی it from me! Tiara is lucky that I got it back from her!" When it comes to talking to Tiara, she wants آپ to call her سے طرف کی her full name, Diamond Tiara, WOW!!! "It's Diamond Tiara!" She shouted back. قوس قزح Dash then said, "No one gives a fuck!" Diamond Tiara was infuriated, "Everyone should care. This is me we're talking about!" then she hit قوس قزح Dash. "And in case آپ were wondering," Tiara continued, "I made Twilight cast a spell to make the wind go fast while آپ were working." "You faggot!" Dash said. She was very angry, and not only did she give Diamond Tiara a black eye, she kicked her out of a window. A few peices of glass were stuck in her body after she got kicked out of the window, but she was fine. It's not like anyone would care if she was ok, except for Silverspoon, Diamond Tiara's only friend. Pinkie Pie was worried, so she ran over to Diamond Tiara to talk to her. "If آپ wanted my song so badly I could've دیا آپ one to." Then she hands another copy of her santa song to Diamond Tiara. "Now go home, and don't bother Applebloom anymore." Tiara walked with Silverspoon looking at her damaged friend. "You shouldn't pick on قوس قزح Dash. She can do a lot of things to you." Silverspoon said. "I just realized that." Tiara replied. Hopefully she wont be in any other parts of the story.

It was two days before christmas, and Pinkie Pie was worried. Rarity, Twilight Sparkle, and قوس قزح Dash were trying to convince her that Santa Claus would دکھائیں up, and give her presents. "Maybe not after the way قوس قزح Dash treated Diamond Tiara." Twilight said. "Maybe I wouldn't have kicked her out of the window if she wasn't being mean to Applebloom." Dash کہا standing up for herself. "That doesn't mean آپ can kick her through windows." Twilight replied. Eventually Pinkie said, "I can't believe she bullied Applebloom over a song." "That آپ wrote." Dash said. While the three ponies were arguing Rarity said, "Enough! Are we waiting for Santa Claus یا what?" Waiting?" Pinkie Pie asked, "We're searching for him." Then she left, with قوس قزح Dash, and Twilight Sparkle following. Rarity just waited. "Where do آپ think he could be?" Twilight asked. "The everfree forest." Pinkie said. Dash was confused, "Why would Santa be in the everfree forest?" she asked. "No idea." Pinkie said. They just continued on until they met Zecora. "What are آپ three up to?" She asked. "We're looking for Santa Claus." Pinkie Pie said. "Santa Claus?" Zecora asked in confusion, "I think آپ got hit on the head سے طرف کی something." "No that was Rarity," Pinkie said, "It happened to her last week." "Ok, I'll help آپ find Santa Claus." Zecora said. The three ponies, joined with a زیبرا went looking for Santa. After heading out of the forest, they decided to check the crystal empire. "No we didn't!" Twilight shouted. Ok they didn't go to the crystal empire, instead they went to Canterlot. "Why don't we ask Princess Celestia who Santa Claus is?" Twilight asked. "No, she'll think we're as idiotic as Derpy." Dash exclaimed. "Derpy?" Zecora asked. "You don't wanna know." Dash told Zecora. Twilight went to ask Princess Celestia anyway. While waiting for Twilight, Zecora, Pinkie Pie, and قوس قزح Dash went to Doughnut Joe's. "Hi Pinkie Pie." Doughnut Joe کہا cheerfully, he had everything half off for christmas. Cheerilee, and Lyra Heartstrings were there to. "Who's the zebra?" Joe asked. "My name is Zecora," کہا Zecora, "I live in the everfree forest." "We were afraid of her at first, but she's not bad." Pinkie explained. "Right." Joe said. 4 منٹ later Twilight arrived. "Hi Joe," Twilight کہا happily. "Hey Twilight, how are things?" Joe asked. Twilight told Joe about how she was trying to help Pinkie Pie find someone named Santa Claus. She asked Princess Celestia if she knew anyone named Santa, but she کہا she didn't know. "Must be something Pinkie thought of in a dream." Joe exclaimed. "No it's not. I read about it in one of Twilight's books." Pinkie said, she was a little angry after what Joe said. "To my house!" Twilight announced for no reason, grabbing everyones attention. Then she teleported herself along with her دوستوں to her library. "What is the name of the book آپ read?" Twilight asked Pinkie, "It کہا something about fictional people." Pinkie said. Dash was thinking that Pinkie Pie didn't know what fictional meant. Then Twilight soon found a book. "I think I found it Pinkie," She کہا with a smile on her face.

"Thats the book!" Pinkie shouted in excitement. "Ok," Twilight said, "Lets see what we got here." She read the index, and found something called holidays. Meanwhile Rarity was waiting for Santa Claus to arrive. Where could he be, she thought. Although she was freesing Rarity still waited outside for Santa to arrive. "Where's Santa?!" She yelled for no reason. Then, she saw a red light, not knowing what it was, she ran off, "Wait," someone کہا in a shadow, "Theres no need to run away, unless you've been naughty." he continued saying. Twilight continued reading the book, this time outloud. "On December 25th Santa Claus brings every kid in the world presents. He has eight reindeer to pull his sled full of toys.." As she continued reading Zecora, with Pinkie and قوس قزح Dash got even مزید amazed in the story. When Twilight finished reading Dash was the first one to speak, "Is he really real?" Pinkie looked at her like she was the dumbest ٹٹو ever. "Yes." she finally said. "I thought she was just joking." Zecora said. Then out of seemingly nowhere Rarity arrived. "You guys! I found him!" She shouted. She could have just کہا it normally, but Rarity was so excited. "Found who?" Pinkie asked, "Is it Santa?!" "Yes" the white unicorn کہا smiling. The four ponies and زیبرا were excited, and ran to where Rarity found him. "Santa!" Pinkie said. She was really excited to finally meet him. "Hello everyone." he said. "What would آپ like for christmas?" Pinkie told Santa first, "I already got it." "She's been very excited to meet you." Dash explained. "I know that." Santa said, "I'm glad I could make your گلابی friend's wish come true." Then the wonderbolts arrived. "Rainbow Dash we want آپ to be our captain." they said. Now it was قوس قزح Dash's turn to be excited. "YESS!" Dash کہا in excitement. Then she went off with them. "Well looks like we won't see her anymore." Rarity said. "I'm going to miss قوس قزح Dash." Twilight said. "Well I'll miss her to." Santa said, "but I must get going, I have presents to deliver." and with that, he flew away. Before disappearing into the sky he shouted "Happy Christmas to all, and to all a goodnight!"

Today was finally it, christmas day. All of Ponyville was very busy, as دوستوں and family went to be together. Twilight was with all her friends, except قوس قزح Dash. She was now part of the wonderbolts, and would no longer be with Twilight and the rest of the mane 6. "Now it's the mane five!" Pinkie کہا in excitement, "If were going to change our name we should change our appearance." "I like mine just the way it is." Rarity کہا looking at herself in a mirror. "Fine, آپ all stay to your boring regualar selves, I'm changing from Pinkie Pie to Greenie Pie." Then somehow she became green. Rarity didn't look, not liking the color green. "Why did آپ do that?" Fluttershy asked. After Pinkie... یا Greenie Pie told Fluttershy that she just explained everything قوس قزح Dash arrived. "Hi guys." Dash said. Everyone was surprised, "But, آپ left to be captain of the wonderbolts." Twilight said. "I did," Dash replied, "but they had someone else as captain, so I left them." Then she turned her attention to Pinkie Pie who was still green. "Why are آپ green Pinkie Pie?" she asked, "That's Greenie Pie to you!" She shouted, "and it's because آپ ditched us!" "Now I'm back." Dash told her. Pinkie then turned back to her regular گلابی self, hugged قوس قزح Dash, and کہا "PARTY TIME!!" Then everyone showed up, and enjoyed the party. All of Ponyville were enjoying theirselves, but the mane 6, being back together, were having the time of their lives.

 Greenie Pie
Greenie Pie
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 Candy Sunshine
Candy Sunshine
at Alicorn City, there is a young ٹٹو named Candy Sunshine. her mother Gem Sunshine wanted her to see the land of Equestria and every ٹٹو there. when she got on the train her mother was crying tears of joy and waving her hoof in the air. meanwhile at PonyVille, Every ٹٹو was trotting and flying in ponyville. the mane 6 was standing اگلے to the train station. they knew a train was not coming to pick them up to go to Canter-lot because it was early in the morning and the train driver might still be sleeping. "the train is not coming every pony" Twilight said. every ٹٹو started to be sad....
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