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Remember when I کہا Spike gets treated a little badly. Well, this episode, Owl's Well That Ends Well, is a damn good example.
This episode shows just how horribly Spike is treated. In this episode, Spike seems to be harmed in one way یا the other, yet, does he actually deserve it. No, he does not, and that's only the icing on this crap cake.
Also, this episode shows the Mane 6 in one of their worst. They've known Spike for a long time سے طرف کی the time this episode aired, yet they still seem to treat him with barely any respect. But, Owlicious (Or however آپ spell that name) Is already respected, and they only knew him for a day. He even has a goddamn bow tie made for him. My god, some fucking دوستوں they turned out to be.
Also, Twilight says that she needed Owlicious to help her work at night. Only one itty-bitty teenie-tiny problem. IT WAS NEVER NIGHTTIME ONCE IN THIS EPISODE!!! THAT STATEMENT IS BULLSHIT!!! Oh, and people say that Twilight is a Mary Sue. I think that Owlicious takes that spot. Think about it, he is prefect in every way and gets all the respect for doing absolutely nothing. If it weren't for Angel, Owlicious would be the worst pet in the show. But still, just like this episode, Owlicious sucks.
In my opinion, this is a terrible episode that was way too hard on Spike for doing nothing, and that's what makes this episode bad. But, hey, that's only my opinion. What's Your Take
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Hello everyone. Its finally time to present the ten worst MLP characters that آپ voted for. Now remember, i their is a character that آپ didn't see here, remember that آپ were the ones who voted for these characters, and I'm just placing them in order of votes. now, lets start

10: Granny Smith - Now, I just need to ind out why this character was voted........ I guess its just because Hasbro was pushing the elderly stereotypes, but other then that, I really can't see much of a reason why she's here... However, speaking of stereotypes...

9: applejack کی, اپپلیجاک - Now here is a character I can give criticism...
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