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Me, and قوس قزح Dash found my scooter. It was stolen سے طرف کی some intoxicated stallion. He was laying on his front yard behind it.

قوس قزح Dash: Alright. Let's try not to wake him up.
Scootaloo: *Quietly gets the scooter* .

It was laying on it's side, so I had to put it back onto it's wheels.

Scootaloo: *Quietly puts the scooter onto it's wheels*
قوس قزح Dash: *Winks, and signals her to go home*
Scootaloo: *Rides her scooter back home, but sees three guards*
Guard 3: There she is!! *Shooting at Scootaloo*
Scootaloo: AH! *Rides away*
قوس قزح Dash: Go ہوم Scootaloo! I'll fight them off!
Scootaloo: Don't! They're not after you, they're after me!!
قوس قزح Dash: *Kicks one of the guards*
Guard 4: *Aiming his gun at قوس قزح Dash*
قوس قزح Dash: *Grabs his gun, and points it at the other guard*
Guard 5: AH! *Runs away*
قوس قزح Dash: Coward.
Guard 4: No. آپ are a coward.
قوس قزح Dash: Excuse me?

They stopped fighting.

Guard 4: I کہا آپ are a coward.
قوس قزح Dash: Do آپ even know what that word means?
Guard 4: It means to be afraid.
قوس قزح Dash: Do I look like a coward? Because I'm not afraid of anything. Your friend on the other hand? He's the coward.
Guard 3: *Grabs قوس قزح Dash from behind* Are آپ sure you're not afraid of anything?
قوس قزح Dash: *Kicks guard*
Guard 3: *Lands on a آگ کے, آگ hydrant, and then water comes from the hydrant, onto him*
قوس قزح Dash: Yeah, I'm sure.
Guard 4: Please surrender.
قوس قزح Dash: I don't want to.
Guard 4: We'll give آپ $35,000 if آپ let us take out your bodyparts for cupcakes.
قوس قزح Dash: I'm worth مزید then that. *Walks away*
Guard 4: *Lands on the ground, and holds onto قوس قزح Dash's back legs* You're not going anywhere! Let us kill you.
قوس قزح Dash: *Flies*
Guard 4: *Falls, and breaks when he lands on the ground*
قوس قزح Dash: Too easy. *Goes to her house*

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