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Me, and قوس قزح Dash found my scooter. It was stolen سے طرف کی some intoxicated stallion. He was laying on his front yard behind it.

قوس قزح Dash: Alright. Let's try not to wake him up.
Scootaloo: *Quietly gets the scooter* .

It was laying on it's side, so I had to put it back onto it's wheels.

Scootaloo: *Quietly puts the scooter onto it's wheels*
قوس قزح Dash: *Winks, and signals her to go home*
Scootaloo: *Rides her scooter back home, but sees three guards*
Guard 3: There she is!! *Shooting at Scootaloo*
Scootaloo: AH! *Rides away*
قوس قزح Dash: Go ہوم Scootaloo! I'll fight them off!
Scootaloo: Don't! They're not after you, they're after me!!
قوس قزح Dash: *Kicks one of the guards*
Guard 4: *Aiming his gun at قوس قزح Dash*
قوس قزح Dash: *Grabs his gun, and points it at the other guard*
Guard 5: AH! *Runs away*
قوس قزح Dash: Coward.
Guard 4: No. آپ are a coward.
قوس قزح Dash: Excuse me?

They stopped fighting.

Guard 4: I کہا آپ are a coward.
قوس قزح Dash: Do آپ even know what that word means?
Guard 4: It means to be afraid.
قوس قزح Dash: Do I look like a coward? Because I'm not afraid of anything. Your friend on the other hand? He's the coward.
Guard 3: *Grabs قوس قزح Dash from behind* Are آپ sure you're not afraid of anything?
قوس قزح Dash: *Kicks guard*
Guard 3: *Lands on a آگ کے, آگ hydrant, and then water comes from the hydrant, onto him*
قوس قزح Dash: Yeah, I'm sure.
Guard 4: Please surrender.
قوس قزح Dash: I don't want to.
Guard 4: We'll give آپ $35,000 if آپ let us take out your bodyparts for cupcakes.
قوس قزح Dash: I'm worth مزید then that. *Walks away*
Guard 4: *Lands on the ground, and holds onto قوس قزح Dash's back legs* You're not going anywhere! Let us kill you.
قوس قزح Dash: *Flies*
Guard 4: *Falls, and breaks when he lands on the ground*
قوس قزح Dash: Too easy. *Goes to her house*

2 B Continued
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We're Going For A Ride
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my little ٹٹو
my little ٹٹو friendship is magic
Another song from Sim Gretina. This one is about Discord.
my little ٹٹو
my little ٹٹو friendship is magic
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All this information comes from Equestria Daily's summary on the panels during Unicon. The panels I will be talking about is the Writers Panel with Meghan McCarthy, Cindy Morrow, M. A. Larson, and Amy Keating Rogers. The سیکنڈ panel is with Daniel Ingram who talks about how the episode Magical Mystery Cure was originally planned and how it changed during production. Daniel Ingram also talks about other details with the songs.
I included some of my thoughts on the panel as well as added info connected to the panels.

Here's a summary of Daniel Ingrams panel as دیا سے طرف کی Equestria Daily (these are...
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Hasbro sent many copyright claims regarding the distribution of TV episode as a violation of copyrights and threatened to take action if the site showed any refusal.

they refused to comply so the emailed Hasbro this statement.
Thanks for your concern [sic]. Since we are merely spreading friendship and? magic we feel that we’re protected سے طرف کی princess Celestia herself. Also, we are not based in the US – so US law does not apply to us.
Please feel free to download the episodes from our website in order to
learn about accepting, friendship and happiness too.

Hasbro was not happy and forced the site...
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