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Fluttershy is overrated.. There. I کہا it.. (sits and waits for the haters)

#7: RULE 84 GAGS:
Though this also counts as the WORST thing.
But either way
I never would of realised how much I was missing out on.
Though. At the same time.
Part of the reason I became a brony in the first place is I found a image of it, when looking though Skyrim images..

#6: ٹٹو موسیقی VIDEOS:
No comments..

These days, Discord (John De Lancie) is the main reason I still watch the دکھائیں itself.
As even though most of the characters aren't funny anymore.
The same cannot be کہا for Discord.
The only one who hasn't lost his touch.
Plus there's the fact I never actually heard of John De Lancie before finding Discord.
Since I never seen سٹار, ستارہ Trak..

#4: ٹٹو MOV:
These dark humored mini series is what I always use to introduce others into the world of MLP.
And so far..
It hasn't failed to work.
I made up to ten people into bronies سے طرف کی دکھانا them ٹٹو Mov.
And have my own story for it, witch is currently very popular, and it gave me the excuse to use ٹٹو Mov Spike..

Technically Alpha and Omega is the reason is the reason I discovered Fanpop. I still drop سے طرف کی that page every so often, but all my دوستوں are gone now, and all anyone dose now is argue about everything. So, the place is pretty much worthless.. Anyway. At some point after joining originally, I discovered the MLP page, along with Gergory/Mirage and Sean.. Others too, but don't remember. This was a long time ago.
Either way.
Glad to have found آپ guys, even though a overly sarcastic, Christian hypocrite like myself isn't much to brag about..

سے طرف کی this point, we all know about how the narrations of cupcakes inspired me into being a BETTER writer.
But that's not ALL cupcakes did to for me..
It made me discover Andrew WK and Korn.
It even became the reason I started watching the SAW فلمیں (great movies.. Completely underrated).
Along with being the original reason I made that club of myself here on fanpop.
And it's the main reason I am as dark humoured as I am today.
All that, along with ironically making me love Pinkie مزید instead of less.
I also have 2 fanfictions for it (both of them spoofs though).
And 3 ویڈیوز I made myself.
And it's currently used as my facebook cover.
So yeah.
There's REASONS I consider it the "best" creepypasta.
Along with being the only creepypasta that doesn't have graphic rape scenes involved, so yeah, all other creepypastas SUCK.
Even قوس قزح Factory sorry to say..

"see آپ at the flag pole" - his catchphrase..
God damn, I f***in love his guy.
آپ know why?
Because he has no limits.
He's a foul mouthed, loud toned, overly sarcastic, self mocking, nerd. Who strongly hates, both the theme song, and the expression "any pony".. Hmm.. Who dose that remind me of?.. Oh, that's right.. ME :D.
آپ know.. Except the "loud toned" part.
I'm very soft spoken myself..
 Cuteness overload
Cuteness overload
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HD singular version of "Life is a Runway" from the قوس قزح rocks موسیقی videos.
قوس قزح
Part 16 is also featured here.
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