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posted by StarWarsFan7
Ahhh it's been soooo long. Tbh I actually forgot about this site for many many years until just recently when I remembered my ورڈ پاس lol. Can't believe I've used this site since 2010 - I'm now 16 and wow it really has been a while.

For the past few weeks I've been listening to my old covers on my MsIkarishipper channel and I realized that I missed everything. The covers, the "fame", getting to work with other bronies and doing collaborations. I can't exactly say that I left the fandom - well I'm still on this spot lol - but it came to my attention that all this attention I was getting when I was only 12 while starting my channel was a little suspicious. It dawned me that I was only somewhat well known because I was a young girl in a fandom full of men - where the minority were women. And it still creeps me out to this دن that I was getting praised and literally getting marriage proposals - serious یا not - from people who didn't even know me. It was pretty dangerous being a young girl on the Internet but I handled it well. I was smart. I took the opportunities that were دیا to me - being in BogyleBronies for some time, doing collaborations, and helping VA ponies for animations. I miss all of that, tbh even though I'm sort of complaining lol? Sad to say that I actually haven't been catching up with My Little ٹٹو - my interest in it faded after middle school had ended but I watched Equestria Girls: قوس قزح Rocks two weeks پہلے and I FUCKIN FELL IN LOVE. Goddamn The Dazzlings are so fuckin great I love their songs so much I'm so obsessed I literally want to learn their harmonies and cover their songs but IT'S SO HARD FOR ONE PERSON TO LEARN HARMONIES FOR A MEZZO SOPRANO, SOPRANO, AND AN ALTO ESPECIALLY BC I'M A SOPRANO. But I'll still do it lol.

Point of all this, I guess: I missed this.
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