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posted by SomeoneButNoone
Dan - Tricky. I could think it was him. It's time to take him out. He is hiding in his bills in Georgia.
Jade - Let's kill the man then.
Shadow - I'm in it.
Dimitri - Let's go.
Yuri - For our country. Well... Your country.
Sandman. - *looks around Canterlot* everything is destroied... Damn.

Dan - *falls of the hill*
??? - *grabs him* where are they.
Dan - Shadow is pinned down with The and Dimitri. Jade location is unknown. Hank so آپ were listening to us.
Hank - I won't let my friend down let's go.
Dan - *follows him* that's the Villa
Hank - Mhmh... I leave it to you.
Dan - What? You're not helping?
Hank - I'm سب, سب سے اوپر wanted criminal and an Hitman. I can't help آپ sorry.
Dan - Alright... *gets closer to doors*
Hank - *runs away*
Dan - *reloads his M4* Huff... Let's get down that clown. Last time I saw him when they were choking me. *kick doors open*
Russian - Cyka!
Dan - *kills one but orther one jumps on him*
Jade - *breaks his neck* Go! He is running!
Dan - Let's end this war! *runs to the plane*
Tricky - Fuck!
Dan - *takes out چھری and tries to stab him*
Tricky - *takes out Deagle and shoots him*
Dan - *falls on ground* Fuck!
Tricky - *puts gun to his head* Nice try! *almost pulls trigger*
Hardscope - *jumps inside through window and tackles him*
Tricky - Son of a-!
Hardscope - *chokes him*
Tricky - *punches him onto cargo plane platform*
Hardscope - *holds onto edge*
Tricky - *stabs Dan in a leg* آپ all are done *comes to Hardscope*
Hardscope - *takes out چھری with one hoof stabs him in a hoof*
Tricky - *grabs his hoof* You're going down with me!
Dan - *grabs gun*
Hardscope - Shoot! Shoot for fuck sake end it!
Dan - *takes a shot*
Tricky - *gets a shot to the head and falls down from a high height*
*plane starts falling down as pilot killed himself*
پرستار - Hold on Hardscope we are close to the grou-
Hardscope - *let's go of edge*
Dan - Noooooooo!

- on the ground -
Jade - *Checks Hardscope* he is OK.
Hooffman - Thanks God.
Ghost - Sorry sir we didn't have آپ information about our movement *salutes to Dan*
Dan - It's alright آپ saved my ass.
Shadow - We found Tricky dead body. He is down.
Jade - Hardscope will begin coma but he is fine.

And so the war came to the end. GlobeX without a Leader was crushed and their legacy ended. The war took 32 days. But did GlobeX...

...we're exterminated in a whole?

To Be Continued?
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I'll make an مضمون on the most beautiful characters later on...

Anyway this is just my opinion.

10) Parasprites

When I first saw the little creature, I thought it was so cute just like the characters thought they would be. They were tiny, fluffy balls and were just so adorable! Unfortunately these characters are horrible parasites. They produce too quickly and weirdly. Plus they eat everything. They are adorable, but deadly.

9) Tank

This کچھآ, کچھوا is just too adorable. He's such a sweetheart to قوس قزح Dash even when she was being really rude to him. All he needed was some love! I want to give...
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Silver Spoon suddenly woke up. She was on her back and couldn’t move. She couldn’t see. Where was she? Freaking out, she was just about to scream when the ٹٹو from the bakery appeared in front of her.
“Hi!” she giggled.
“Where am I, what’s going on?” The frightened little filly asked.
    “Oh, well, آپ see, your number came up and I gotta make cupcakes.” Pinkie explained
    “W…wha…what does that mean? What are آپ talking about?”
“Oh, nothing. I wouldn’t...
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How to Draw a Pegasus Pony:

Why hello there! :) Today, as آپ have hopefully seen in the title, I will be teaching آپ how to draw a pegasus. This was requested سے طرف کی Rafen40k. I am sorry if my directions are hard to understand. Just take a look at the pictures below for step سے طرف کی step instructions. If آپ pegasus doesn’t come out the way آپ want thats ok. It takes time to learn how to draw. Also yes there is a picture of AJ in the background in the photos. She is there because I am trying to reuse paper and not waste it. I had drawn her earlier but anyways... and yeah! The pictures are backwards...
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 the toy
the toy
I hate Princess Skyla. This is a مضمون explaining why, please take the time to read and recognise my points. Thankyou.

If آپ are un-aware of Skyla's existence then run. Run away from this nightmare! If آپ are یا brave enough to be informed however, she is a toy that was released featuring a filly plushie, who, is rumoured to be Cadance and Shining's baby.

My first problem with her is the art on the side of her box is a re-colour of Sweetiebelle. Oh how original of آپ Hasbro! Original indeed.

The سیکنڈ is she is a stealing criminal! I'm not kidding. She has the exact same crown as Celestia!...
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Chapter 1 - Is it a prank?:

The air was warm, the sun was shining, and everypony in Ponyville was having a glorious day. The town square was bustling and crowded and busy ponies filled the streets. All the ٹٹو folk seemed to have somewhere specific to be. All except قوس قزح Dash; her place was in the sky. She tore freely through the air, speeding one way and the next, buzzing the درخت tops and racing the wind. The blue pegasus swooped over a schoolyard, much to the delight of the children, then climbed several...
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