Alright, so, I know I haven’t گیا کیا پوسٹ an مضمون on this club for the last… Two years? But I felt like this was the best place to add it. Because I don’t want to post this on my club. Wouldn’t work well there. So, let me tell آپ what I thought of the new My Little ٹٹو Movie that got released. I So, I was dragged to this movie سے طرف کی my Brony friend as revenge for talking mad shit about Life is Strange (Terrible game, and I don’t care what anyone says), so naturally, being part of a revenge plot, I decided to watch it with him, and, honestly, it wasn’t half bad. I thought it was pretty good. But not a flawless movie. So why don’t I talk about what I liked about this movie first? And I will try to avoid spoilers as best as I can.

First off, I liked the new characters that were introduced. I liked the side characters, and I especially liked the villain. I enjoyed the cat character Capper. I enjoyed the gang of bird pirates. I enjoyed the Hippogriffs as well. The singer Songbird Serenade was…. There… But I felt that, out of all the new characters were the villains. I mean, yeah, Storm King wasn’t the worst villain I’ve seen. He was kind of just in the background most of the movie until the end, but he was funny in his own rights. But Tempest was a far مزید interesting villain. She seems to fall into the same category as Ghirahim and Bane from The Dark Knight Rises. A side villain who is way مزید interesting than the main villain, only different because I hated the main villains in Dark Knight Rises and Skyward Sword whereas I don’t hate Storm King. But Tempest was better. A better motivation, a better character, very well flushed out. The only thing I don’t like about her is her design. As much of a nitpick as it is, she just looks like an edgy original character ripped off DeviantArt. Broken horn, scar over her eye, a dark فر, سمور color, it just screams edgelord. But aside from that nitpick, I really do like Tempest.

On the subject of designs, some of the things I liked the best were the character designs. From the new characters introduced, like the other animal characters, to just the soldiers of the main villain. Hell, I really liked their designs. They looked like Dark Souls enemies to me, in a مزید cutesy way, at least. I really did like them. As for the animation, I mean, I didn’t hate it. The backgrounds were nice, and it moved fluently. The faces, at first, were a little weird to get used to, but after a while, آپ do get used to it, but it may feel a little off for someone who has been watching the دکھائیں since the beginning. Another thing I liked about the song was the music. At first, I thought the موسیقی was going to be uninspired, mainly because the first song was a ٹٹو version of We Got the Beat سے طرف کی The Go-Gos. Thankfully, it was filled with original songs that were actually really good. The first original song is the typical one about friendship, but aside from that one, they are all amazing. Some of my پسندیدہ are Capper’s I’m The Friend آپ Need, Time to Be Awesome سے طرف کی the pirates, and my personal favorite, Open Up Your Eyes. I think that, as far as it goes on an artistic level, it manages to pull off the basics. But now, let’s discuss some things I don’t like.

First off, I don’t like how the movie’s main goal is kind of made pointless. I mean, it isn’t a total waste of time, because they do get SOME help, but the main goal they were going for just turns out to be a major waste of the time in the end. But there is a reason why it ends up this way, which I will get to later. I also didn’t like how all three princesses, Celestia, Luna, and Cadence, are taken out with relative ease. I had a problem with this in the دکھائیں even before the movie was made. For a monarchy of an entire kingdom, Celestia is always easily bested time and time again, and, I don’t hate Celestia, far from it, but I can’t stand how she is always so easily defeated whenever a new villain shows up. It irritated me in the دکھائیں and it irritates me here in the movie. But one thing that made me furious, that made me shout at the سب, سب سے اوپر of my lungs in the movie theater (It was pretty much empty aside from my brony friend and two black guys who weren’t even paying attention to the movie). And that was Twilight herself.

For what I have been criticizing throughout this movie, I could easily forgive them. I could forgive the main goal, I could forgive Celestia being beaten so easily, and I could even forgive the stupid Hungry, Hungry Hippos joke. But I cannot handle how Twilight was made in this movie. Before I say anything, I just want to point out that my thoughts on Twilight are only for the Twilight in the movie, not the Twilight in the show. That being said, Twilight is the worst goddamn character in this movie. For someone who has been taught about friendship since episode one and been made to be the Princess of Friendship, she makes some of the most anti-social opinions in the entire movie. She leaves characters behind in the hands of the villain, who isn’t a very humorous villain, let me tell you. She has trust issues with everyone, despite having been taught to trust character previously. And what she does when she does reach her goal, which I won’t spoil, leads to her saying the dumbest thing to her دوستوں ever. The dumbest, stupidest thing ever. Something that, in my opinion, should not be recommended in movie writing. And then it leads to a dumb misunderstanding and her being sad- Piss off! After this scene, I was convinced that Twilight was just utter trash and was just agitated throughout the remainder of the film. For someone who is supposed to be a friendly and intelligent person, آپ make terrible and such idiotic choices that make things worse. Just… Just fuck you, Twilight. Jesus Christ.

Alright, so, aside from some odd writing choices and… The worst thing ever, I’d say that, yeah, this movie is actually pretty good. It’s not perfect, but I can say that it has enough to entertain both children and شائقین of the show. It has good animation, good character designs, an amazing villain, and some great songs. I should also mention that Pinkie somehow got even crazier in this movie. She is on full blast insanity and I love it. Yes, she can get crazier, and she does. No fourth دیوار breaks, disappointingly. So, yeah, if آپ want a decently made movie, I’d say go watch it… یا wait for the DVD to save آپ some odd glances. God knows my time in the theater made me look like a drug dealer.