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posted by Seanthehedgehog
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Stallions: *Playing pool*
Santa Fe ٹٹو 59: *Walks in with Saten Twist* Look who's back everypony!
Stallions: Saten Twist!!
Saten Twist: *Sits down at the bar* ارے fellas.
Bartender: Hi Saten. *Gives him a glass of beer* The usual, just for you. You've got my wife to that business meeting in Flagstaff in time like آپ promised, so this is on the house.
Saten Twist: Thanks. *Gives him a quarter* Say hi to everyone else in the family for me.
Bartender: Will do.
Greg: *Walks over from a table* Hey, Saten. How was your run from Albuquerque?
Saten Twist: Wonderful, as usual.
Greg: Good to hear. We got a new ٹٹو joining us tomorrow. You're gonna want to avoid him as much as possible.
Saten Twist: How come?
Greg: *Watches a red stallion with buck teeth walking towards them* You'll see.
Jake: *Arrives* ارے guys. My name's Jake, and I'm a nerd.
Saten Twist: آپ don't say.
Jake: Did آپ know that our railroad has been using diesels since 1936? We've made a very quick transition, wouldn't آپ say? Also, the Super Chief has been running since May, 1937.
Saten Twist: Buddy, I'm gonna ask آپ to go somewhere else.
Jake: You're right. My knowledge must be shared with everypony in this bar. *Goes to a table*
Saten Twist: ...sure....
Greg: How did he even get this job in the first place?
Saten Twist: Probably bored the boss to death.
Jake: *Standing اگلے to two stallions* Ah, I see آپ work for the Union Pacific. Did آپ know that it was first created in 1863, and was one of two railroads to create the Transcontinental Railroad?
U.P Pony: Get the fuck out of here!
Jake: *Sadly walks back to Saten Twist*
Saten Twist: It's time for me to get going. See آپ later Greg.
Greg: Goodnight Saten.
Saten Twist: *Leaves the bar*
Jake: Will آپ stay with me?
Greg: I gotta get going too. I need as much sleep as possible for tomorrow. *Walks away*
Jake: *Looks at the bartender* Can آپ get me a glass of water?
Bartender: We only serve alcohol mack.
Jake: Darn.

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