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These are really funny! I had to! XD
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Derpy is going to be removed cause hasbro thinks she is offensive!!! poor derpy us people who love derpy please تبصرہ good people who do not like derpy please do not put bad comments!! she is cute u would not like it if u were looking different and u were on a tv دکھائیں u would not wanna be removed for being different. derpy stands out سے طرف کی being herself! and now that hasbro changed her she won't be the same on the دکھائیں but in our hearts she will always be the same ٹٹو we know. now here is a song i wrote: oh derpy u r so lerpy we all love u so much nothing can break our hearts for u oh derpy u r so lerpy u r so cute well never forget that is u! oh derpy u r so lerpy! never forget that we standed up for u!
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