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 Blingee Mane 6 Dresses
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posted by Seanthehedgehog
At Professor Something's house

Professor Something: Sally? *opens door* آپ can come out- *notices Sally is gone* GONE AGAIN?! *smashes lantern*

Back at townhall

Jack: Ok, آپ all know what to do?
Ponies: Yes Jack.
Sally: *arrives in town hall*
Insanity Crusaders: *arrive*

The insanity crusaders are somewhat like the cutie mark crusaders. The ponies in this group are the mayor's daughter, Brenna, a گدھے کو, گدھی that dresses up like the devil, named Charlie, and the third ٹٹو is dressed like a mummy. His name is Jake.

Brenna: Hi Jack.
Charlie: آپ wanted to see us?
Jake: I know we can do what آپ tell us...
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posted by _MockingJay_
The 3 mares found themselves in front of a big brown house. Coffee Crème opened the door. She smiled as she looked at Silver Tune.

CC: Well, *giggles* Welcome! *places bags اگلے to chair*
SF: *looks around* What a pretty house.
CC: Thank you.
ST: *sniff*
CC: *turns around*
SF: *turns around* Silver Tune, are آپ crying?
ST: What? No, no. I'm just Umm.. Cold.
CC: I'll bring آپ a cup of tea. *walks to kitchen*
SF: *tilts head* It's okay Silver Tune. آپ don't need to lie.
ST: I..
SF: I'm your friend, right?
ST: I don't know.. *sniff* Are you?
SF: Of course I am. Now, wipe away those tears.
ST: *rubs...
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posted by Seanthehedgehog
It was a rainy دن in Canterlot, یا should I say night. P was on her computer typing something for several hours ever since Con Mane was shot to death.

Commander Con Mane was a wonderful agent. Though he got careless in a couple of his assignments, most of them were done with precision, and a razor sharp mind.

That was as far as P could go, until she decided to go to bed. It was 11:30 PM when she stopped. She'd work on it again when she woke up.

The اگلے morning, P had to ride to a place in Canterlot, where she would be talking with another pony.

At the building.

Parcival: I appreciate you...
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posted by SomeoneButNoone
 Natalia (Pro fackt - Shadow love this OC Pro fact 2 my GF OC Pro Fact 3 I DONT KNOW WHY I DOING PRO FACTS uhhhh)
Natalia (Pro fackt - Shadow love this OC Pro fact 2 my GF OC Pro Fact 3 I DONT KNOW WHY I DOING PRO FACTS uhhhh)
Natalia - Long time dont see
Dan - y-yea long time hehe
Natalia - -_-
Dan - OH COMON DONT SAY WE GONNA TALK ABO- *hear expolion* ok آپ know better get out from solar empire...
In GEA Hedquater number 5 (In Ponyville)
Natalia - WHY آپ DO THIS
Dan - FUCK MY FATHER HE IS DUPASS *punch wall* Im sorry about my father BUT HE IS JUST A FUCKIN STUPID IDIOT!
Natalia - why آپ talking about آپ father t-
Dan - BECAUSE HE DONT CARE ABOUT ANYTHINK... no like our family... *open family book*...
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posted by pikachu700
me: *walking with my dog but all the sudden sniffs something*
*walks nerby a factory*
me: Don't go in there dog there might be something in there
Dog: *TOO late*
(sees ٹٹو in factory)
DOG: *Chases her*
me: oh that devil *aculal name* Running off like that i wonder what she saw this factory looks like it hasn't been used forever well, she's not comeing out on her own... i'd better go find her
*goes inside*
*door locks itself*
me: WTF *trys to open it but door knobe broke*
*sees Devil (my dog)* *door closes*
me: *opens door* *sees bloody ٹٹو right in front of door*
me: OMFG *slams door*
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posted by P-Lightning
"This part of the story is all about Axel and his past."

(Right here Axel is having Ice Cream with his best and only friend in the Organization, Roxas while they whatched the sun set)
(Axel's Past)
"Axel wait up I need to catch up," کہا a mysterious stallion as he ran to Axel, "Hey come on Roxas آپ got to catch up if آپ want to see the sunset." کہا Axel,"OK I'm want to see the suset man just wait I got to buy the ice cream. As Axel and Roxas sat on the old clock tower eating ice cream and Axel asked,"Hey Roxas why does the sun set red?","Huh I don't know i just want to watch the sunset ha...
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I gasped. My eyes widened. Princess Celestia smiled. All of the memories I have had in my ہوم and school flashed through me. I closed my eyes. I responded, "Thank you. Thank you very much for the offer.... But.... I'm afraid I can't. I have experienced great friendships here, and I would love to stay here, too.... But in my world, I have much مزید to experience. There are many things I would love to learn." I bow, and I say, "Thank you.". Princess Celestia leaned to hug me. "You are very welcome."

Princess Celestia called Luna, Twilight, and her دوستوں to the back of the castle. "I have a...
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Uuuh... I don't know what to say about this XD
my little ٹٹو
my little ٹٹو friendship is magic
twilight sparkle
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posted by Windwakerguy430
It was another peaceful دن in Ponyville. The sun was high. The plants were growing. The birds were singing. It was just a peaceful day. Twilight was helping Fluttershy with her animals. But, something was different with the animals today. They seemed to be very calm. Usually, the animals were very chaotic, but today, they just stood there, and blinked occasionally. Twilight کہا to Fluttershy, "Hey, Fluttershy. Are your animal دوستوں okay? They seem... different. Usually, they are مزید energetic then this". Fluttershy was silent.

Yesterday, a new ٹٹو came to town. Her name was Sunny Flower....
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