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The اگلے day, Silver Tune sat اگلے to Snow Flake and Coffee Crème in Art class. Coffee Crème was very excited. She loved art!

SF: I can see آپ like art class. *laughs*
CC: Of course I do! I love painting and drawing!
ST: Oh, you're a good drawer?
CC: *points at cutie mark*
ST: Well, duh. Haha.

The teacher smiled as she saw each student. She cleared her throat and grabbed a paper.

Teacher: Class! I have very exciting news!
ST: Oh no.. Not this again..
CC: What?
ST: *sigh* The Middle School Pr-
Teacher: The Middle School Prom is coming soon!
SF: *gasp* Yes!
ST: *rolls eyes*
CC: What's so bad about the...
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posted by Seanthehedgehog
Con continued driving the car/submarine through the ocean, as he got toward Atlantis.

Con: There's what we came to look at.
Double X: What?
Con: Toward the bottom, there is a place that shoots missiles.
mexicans: *swim toward car*
Double X: Con, look!
Con: *shoots mexican swimmers*
Double X: Now there's more
Con: They're armed too.
mexican 1: *shoots explosive arrow*
Con: *dodges*
mexican 2: *shoots another explosive arrow*
Double X: *deploys oil*
Con: What are آپ doing?
Double X: *deploys mine*
Mexicans: *explode*
Con: How did آپ know about that?
Double X: I saw the blueprints for this car two weeks...
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posted by Seanthehedgehog
 D: Why is this happening?!
D: Why is this happening?!
After evading the big rig once again Pinkie had to stop a railroad crossing, and watched as the train passed her.

Trucker: *pushes Pinkie Pie's car*
Pinkie Pie: What the? *looks behind her* ارے STOP!!
Trucker: *doesn't stop*
Pinkie Pie: *puts car in reverse*

The big rig kept pushing Pinkie Pie's car closer to the crossing until the end of the train arrived. Pinkie then drove off the road letting the truck pass.

After nearly getting killed again Pinkie Pie decided to drive slow, and avoid the truck, but that didn't work out. She saw the truck in front of her, and decided to stop at a gas station....
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Pinkie Pie has to watch over the Cakes' children.
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my little ٹٹو
my little ٹٹو friendship is magic
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my little ٹٹو friendship is magic
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The اگلے morning, June 29, 1892

Henry: *Laughing* We did it Andrew. The mill has been reinforced, shielded, and now let's watch the union try to get in.
Union Ponies: *Walking towards steel mill*
Andrew: They're coming this way. I see them.
Union Ponies: *Seeing Sniper towers, and water cannons*
Sniper: *About to shoot a union pony*
Henry: Hold your fire. Do not shoot until I tell آپ too!
Sniper: *Salutes*
Union Ponies: *Go to entrance* I can't believe they would set up so many sniper towers. *tries to open door* What the hay? The door won't open.
Andrew: Hahahahaha! They can't get in.
Union Captain:...
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