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This My Little ٹٹو Friendship is Magic پیپر وال might contain سٹریٹ, شہر منظر, شہری ماحول, گلی, شہر ديکھا, شہری سیٹنگ, پار, صلیب, سائن ان کریں, پوسٹر, متن, چاکبورڈ, نشانی, and تختۂ چاک.

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Discord: This is so much fun!(takes tape out of Nikki's mouth)
Nikki: SCORE!! ARE آپ OKAY?!?!
Score: Whatever.
Nikki: Aww come on!!
Discord: Now Nikki, it's time, your turn!
Nikki: *gulp* آپ let me go!! Now!
Discord: I'm sorry Nikki, no can do.
Nikki: Grrrrr...(bites discord)
Discord: OW! What the hay!
Nikki: and there's مزید where that came from!
Discord: Look into my, sugarcube, آپ are getting sleepy, are آپ hypnotized سے طرف کی theses secrets that your keeping, nopony keeps a secret nopony keeps a secret....
Nikki: (eyes turn red) let me go-
Discord: Now Nikki, your the element of understanding right?
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