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 10 سال old Eris
10 year old Eris
Eris was growing fast and Celestia loved her with all her heart. But when Discord found out about Eris he disappeared. Eris was not treated equally سے طرف کی the other fillys. She looked like her father not a pony.
But she was their princess so they were mostly scared of her. Luna couldn't stand her be picked on so she had to do something. But Luna was very busy. She was with her adopted daughter Selene in Ponyville.
Eris was alone. Without a father and without a friend.

-Next episode coming soon
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Useful tips for making an OC


Okay, so I bumped into some... hmm... how to put this delicately? Some OC's on different MLP websites over the past few days, which were considerably less than innovative... So I decided to make this guide, based on my personal experiences, sharing the possible difficulties one may encounter when creating an original character. Below آپ will find the factors, I think are vital for making a good OC.

1,Visual design

In most cases, the process starts with this, no matter if آپ use one of the ٹٹو creators یا draw your character سے طرف کی your self. I wouldn't want...
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batman series
Original song from the up coming Very First Fan-Made MLP Movie! Coming out 2015, going to be مزید than 2 hours long. Fully Animated, Crew from other Shorts. Sonic Rainboom, Snowdrop and more.
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