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Fan fiction by keefisweird posted پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک
fan of it?
A long long long long long... آپ get the point... time ago, when mystical magical creatures befriended humans, there was a little (I mean large) creature named Totoro. He was one of those befriending-the-humans type.
One day, he walked through his usual path through a little alley way covered in dirt and weeds. He turned left at the third red house, and there he was, at The Grand Festival! There was funnel cake, sushi, کیلا monkeys, uni-cats, and even humans! 'This is gonna be the best festival yet!' he thought.
Totoro walked down the long stretch of cloth and food and people, heading towards the Ultimate Sushi stand. As he took a plate,the Magical Sushi Men hopped onto it. How surprised he would be that he would be eating something alive! Of course, poor Totoro didn't know that...
As Totoro filled up his plate (I mean REALLY filled up his plate [Talk about portion sizes!]!), the Sushi all got into place on his plate. Totoro sat down at a میز, جدول and began helping himself. Glom glom glom went Totoro... the Sushi giggled.