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For whoever who doesn't know this, NaLu (NatsuxLucy) has been pretty much confirmed سے طرف کی Hiro Mashima (creator of Fairy Tail) a while back saying: "Lucy and Natsu's union will give birth to a child named Nashi". Hiro is saying that Natsu and Lucy will have a child named Nashi.
Why NaLu will happen:
Natsu & Lucy represent Haru and Elie who are a couple from Hiro Mashima's گزشتہ manga, Rave. With that دیا and the OVA when Elie کہا to Lucy that Haru & Natsu are their hero's then that is Hiro saying that it will happen.
Another reason is that if آپ check Hiro's pics on twitter, آپ can see Natsu & Lucy coming up a couple of times.
The last reason is that on a Fairy Tail side story (only manga) there was a time when Juvia is hallucinating and sees Natsu & Lucy doing romantic stuff.
I will exclude moments that can be seen as only friendship moments, no romance intonations at all.

1.) When he dragged her along in Hargeon and told her to شامل میں Fairy Tail
2.) When she held him back during the Lullaby arc
3.) In Galuna Island when he saved her from the poison
4.) When he went for her rescue in Phantom Lord arc
5.) When he caught her when she was falling out of the tower and she yelled out his name, being sure that he would be there to catch her.

1.) Happy in Boots: She's a princess and she falls in love with him without even knowing him, but he has become barbaric...
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posted by lilshala

Lucy sat on the chair in front of a آگ کے, آگ place. She had a thick blanket wrapped around her, her hair down and her nose red. She sneezed, the hot chocolate in her mug swooshing around.

She sniffed in annoyance. “Damn cold" she murmured, one hand on Plue’s head. She took a sip of her hot chocolate, the warm liquid running down her throat.

She watched the آگ کے, آگ flicker around, her eyes softening. “Fire…" she murmured. She let out a small sigh. “Where is Natsu?" she asked herself. Usually he would be here. In her house.

But right now he wasn’t in it, یا even near it for that...
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According to me

1. When Natsu threatens Hughes in Edolas that he’ll turn them all to ash if they harm Lucy in any way

2. Natsu catches Lucy when she jumps out of Phantom Lord’s tower (talk about good timing XD)
3. Virgo gives them matching outfits during the Oracion Seis arc (SO cute!)

4. Natsu invites Lucy to شامل میں Fairy Tail and whisks her away as the authorities chase after them!

5. Any time Lucy hugs Natsu from behind to keep him from doing something stupid

6. Natsu and Lucy’s fight with Kain on Tenroujima, especially when Natsu is trapped under rocks and Kain almost kills her

7. Lucy clings...
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posted by Nalu-love
Lucy was depressed.

Lisanna had come back and now she and Natsu were together.

And she is all alone, her secret feelings locked up deep inside her.

Of course, everyone was overjoyed to see that Lisanna was back. Happy had his "mother" back. Mirajane and Elfman had their sister back. Natsu had his childhood friend back.

And that "mother", sister, and childhood friend took Natsu away.

She sighed. Natsu and Lisanna were currently sitting together, talking and laughing while Natsu wrapped his arm around Lisanna's shoulders until a naked Gray challenged the hot- headed آگ کے, آگ mage into a fight and the...
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Title: A دن of Firsts

Characters: Natsu Dragneel and Lucy Heartfilia (pairing)

Summary: The first time that Natsu Dragneel kissed a girl was also the first time that Lucy Heartfilia realized her partner was nowhere near as dense as she’d previously imagined him to be.

Also on and ao3.

Extra: My fill for دن 5 of Nalu Week, First. Kind of M rated.

Put my lips on your mouth, keep آپ commin around, cause I like it. Put your hands on my hips, take me down, sink this ship. Boy, I can’t resist.

The first time that Natsu Dragneel kissed a girl was also the first time that Lucy Heartfilia realized...
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They meet

Lucy is able to break free from the charming spell thanks to Natsu appearing (You can decide for yourself if آپ want to see this as a hint یا not. But it's undeniable that the spell can only be broken سے طرف کی someone whom you're مزید attracted to than the spell user)

Natsu grabs Lucy's arm and drags her along with him to Fairy Tail.

Lucy shows him her guild mark and first he acts as if he doesn't care, however over 300 chapters later it is shown that he did care about it.

Rescue Macao arc

Natsu considers Lucy to be his Nakama

Lucy saves Natsu and Macao

Day Break arc

Natsu is seen having broken...
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posted by Nalu-love

"And I’m here to stay, nothing can separate us. And I know I’m okay, آپ جھولا, پنگورا me gently, wrapped in your arms, I’m home."

A little known fact about Dragon Slayers: no matter how loud, brash, یا all around rude they were, they were always gentle and affectionate with their mate.

Natsu knew this. He’d known this since before he knew how to read, because as dumb as he acted sometimes, Igneel taught him well, at least in Dragon matters. He’d noticed that Gajeel was oddly gentle with Levy, he’d seen Laxus slip an arm around Mira’s waist when the blond male thought...
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posted by Nalu-love
■INFO : In the حالیہ twitter Hiro Mashima, آپ can see a picture of Lucy Natsu kissing in wedding dress design byDesign Hiro Mashima.
Added سے طرف کی FT Wiki
the مصنف himself (see picture). The مصنف also has a "NaLu" پروفائل on his account to tweet.
■OTHER INFO : The director of the movie of Fairy Tail in an interview کہا : Hiro Mashima wanted of the romance between Natsu and Lucy in the movie.
■"RECENT INFO" : Later of length look for for the fans, we have the confirmation of Natsu and Lucy and of their unions. We were also able to see in the former interview of the مصنف dating 2012...
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The moment I opened my دل and let آپ in
I saw this great love starting to begin.

I opened my eyes to a vision of آپ
I hope, I pray your feelings are true.

I have loved and I have paid the cost
And I have felt the pain of the love I lost.

But, now, I think I have truly found
An Angel who walks upon the ground.

آپ go beyond all limits for me
Just to دکھائیں your love endlessly.

I could تلاش my whole life through
And never find another 'you'.

آپ are so special that I wanted آپ to know
I truly, completely love آپ so.
posted by Skaterboy619
(Thinking of this prompt led me to a possible fanfic, so I guess this is a snippet to the bigger fanfic that I may یا may not write. ^^)

"Mama! Papa! Story time!" little Asuka begs her parents. It’s 9:30 in the evening, rather late for a child to still be awake. Then again, most children don’t live in the loudest magical guild in Fiore.

Asuka looks up at her parents, and seeing they are busy talking to Tiger Lily about the latest weapons, decided that she’ll get her story elsewhere.

"Gramps! Can آپ tell me a story?" Asuka pulled on Makarov’s white sleeve. “Asuka, the Master has a...
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posted by princess_lucy03
Nalu week دن 3. Cuddle

Lucy couldn’t really believe it as she read through the letter she had received a few منٹ ago. It was way too surreal and suspicious in her mind.

Dear Ms. Lucy Heartfilia we are happy to inform آپ that we can re-establish your late father Jude Heartfilia’s fortune with your cooperation. If آپ would be so kind to be present in Bosco’s city hall on the 8th of March so that we can discuss this issue further.

Izumi Arai CEO of Arai business.

"The 8th of March… That’s in two weeks." Lucy mused out loud. She decided to head over to the guild in...
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So I made a little thing for nalu-week. But it got too long, so I will be posting 15 reasons each day. Hope آپ like it!

1.Because they are awfully confortable with each other
2.Because Natsu brought Lucy to ft and gave her a home
3.Because they started as merely acquaintances and now they have a deep relationship
4.Because if آپ lay a finger on Lucy, Natsu will turn آپ into ashes
5.Because thanks to Lucy, Natsu realised that he can fight and live in this world
6.Because he thinks she is a nice person
7.Because Natsu never doubted Lucy
8.Because after Levy کہا that they needed to شامل میں forces on...
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Lucy awoke to the sunlight streaming through the curtained window,rubbing the sleep from her eyes and arching back to stretch. Finally, it was the دن she was waiting for. She turned eighteen. She couldn’t wait to go spend the دن with her friends.

"Oi, Lucy. You’re here early." Gray spoke as he entered the guild with Juvia trailing behind him.
“N-no, not really. I didn’t have anything to do." Lucy replied, awkwardly. Well, no wonder he never knew it was her birthday, she hasn’t really told anyone about it. As she was lost in thought the words “love rival" snaked around her sending...
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Hi there! Here´s part 2, and here is part 1. Enjoy the سیکنڈ دن of nalu week!

16. Because when Mira put the guild mark in her hand Lucy went straight to Natsu to دکھائیں him

17. Because Lucy is the princess and Natsu is the dragon that hoards her
18. Because Virgo ships them
19. Because Natsu cried over the dead body of Future Lucy
20. Because Future Lucy cried when she watched Natsu battling Sting and Rogue
21. Because Natsu gave up the final دن of the GMG to save her
22. Because Lucy is someone precious to him and was taken away
23. Because she has believed in him since the first day
24. Because...
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posted by princess_lucy03
Lucy Heartfilia woke up on the 1st of July,feeling all excited for the day-her birthday.And she was even مزید excited for she had finally turned 18 this year.Well technically she would have been 24 but since she had been caught up in a 7 years gap, she remained the same 17 سال old until today.She didn't expect parties and sort,for usually there would be a grand party every سال during her early childhood,always hoisted سے طرف کی the maids and butlers of the grand mansion.But sadly since her father never had time for her,she had never really fancied the glamorous parties.

But this سال was different.Even...
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The part:


At the end of the story, Eclair died.

Eclair: Thank you,Natsu.

Eclair: Lucy is very sad now. I leave her to you…

Momon: We have to go now. Thank you! Everyone in Fairy Tail!


Lucy: Natsu…

Lucy: Is magic good? یا malice?

Lucy: No matter what it is…

Lucy: I just want a magic…to stop my tears now…

Natsu: Eclair… smiled at the end.

Lucy: Natsu……

Natsu: Don’t worry.

Natsu: We’ll stay سے طرف کی your side.

~~~~~ Secret Admirer ~~~~

Lucy's POV:

"Lucy!" The sound of my best friend calling me filled the empty hallways of the school. We were dismissed, and I just gathered my things from my locker, when I found a letter that slipped in. I was looking for any names to see from who it came from. "Lucy!" She called again.

I turned around and saw her running to me. I smiled and waved. "Hi, Levy."

Levy finally reached me, and she was panting, trying to catch her breath. When she was done, she stood up and asked me, "What was taking آپ so long? The others are waiting for آپ outside!"

I smiled apologetically....
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posted by Nalu-love
Lari ships it!: Nalu Part 1

(I seriously have way too many series, sorry.)

I’ve been rereading Fairy Tail and it has only resulted in me falling even deeper in love with this manga. At the same time, I’ve tried to pay special attention to the interactions of our two main characters: Natsu Dragneel and Lucy Heartfilia.

I could make a فہرست of most of their moments together, pointing out what I saw as development for their friendship and what I saw as the beginnings of something more, but that would take a crap load of time and it’s not like that hasn’t been done before. Instead, I’ll make...
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posted by Nalu-love

I’m nervous. Really really nervous till I’m about to pee in my pants. Even though, I will never do that. As I stood outside of Lucy’s apartment, waiting for her, I recalled the happenings of the day. Today is Lucy’s birthday. When I woke up, I immediately wash up, as quietly as possible to not wake the slumbering beauty سے طرف کی my side, and went out of the house to plan my surprise for Lucy. As I walked along the road, I wondered what I should do for Lucy’s birthday today. After thinking for a long time, I decided that my brain had enough thinking for one day. It was then...
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