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Boring dunk contest and Lin's ice cream.
jeremy lin
nba dunk contest
all-star game
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ARE آپ A پرستار OF THE NABA یا WNBA?

Well if آپ were a TRUE fan- آپ would bet money on games and predict the RIGHT team to win. And do آپ wanna know how I can tell if someone is a REAL nba fan? (or wnba) well I can tell سے طرف کی the players the people love!

If آپ are INLOVE with basketball, then try and PLAY basketball. A پرستار cant be a پرستار without doing wgar they are a پرستار of! Well I am DeQueen giving the daily news!
Get مزید news daily from DeQueen! Go to my twitter at: PRETTYQUEEN1E and chat about NBA
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Dwight Staying with the Magic.
dwight howard
orlando magic
باسکٹ, باسکٹ بال
The US team dominated at the 2008 Beijing Olympics and went ہوم with the سونا but what will happen in London? The team still has not been decided but I'd just like to see who آپ think should be playing. But there are some rules.

-The player HAS to be playing in the NBA

-An Olympic باسکٹ, باسکٹ بال Team consists of 2 point guards, 3 shooting guards, 2 small forwards, 3 power forwards, and 2 centers

-The players should not have played in the Olympics before(Yes that means no Kobe یا Lebron یا Kidd)
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