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 Mark Sanchez
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Greatest Kick and Punt returns سے طرف کی players such as Dante Hall, Devin Hester, Nathan Vashar, and Antonio Camartie. Touchdowns
 'My love for the Green خلیج, کھاڑی Packers' established in 1998
'My love for the Green Bay Packers' established in 1998
I love the idea that Brett Favre can live up to 275 (as random a number that is) years old, I love the idea that Brett Favre has never stepped a foot out of place, I even love the idea that he's been THE face of the franchise for the past 17 یا so years, but come on... enough is enough! This is the guy سال after سال come the off-season becomes a part of the front office, feeling that he can make decisions on who the Packers should pick in the draft, who they should go after in free agency and who the Packers should cut یا trade from the roster. The last time I checked, he was there to throw...
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