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Kai-Lan's Royal Adventures
Season 1, Episode 5
"Tolee, Portrait of a King"

The episode begins with Tolee and Lulu getting ready for a potrait.

Tolee: How do آپ think I look?
Lulu: آپ look amazing.
Tolee: Phew. I thought for a سیکنڈ there I was about to freak out. I mean, this is the first time we'll have a picture taken.
Lulu: [[laughs]] I know. It's like we've never done this before, except we have, five times.
Tolee: Oh yeah. I forgot.

[[The photographer comes in with a black bag and a camera.]]

Photographer: Hi, are آپ King Tolee and Queen Lulu?
Tolee: We sure are.
Photographer: Oh, thank God. I...
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(2 parts in 1 day; never thought I'd have to go that route)

Both bakers finished their cakes. Tolee is judging them. At stake for the winner is the opportunity to serve their cake at his party, and hang out with Tolee FOR THE ENTIRE DAY. Now, the conclusion of this fanfic.
Mr. Fluffy: I put as much work into this cake as I could, Tolee.
Tolee: I'll be the judge of that. *Cuts a 2x3 inch cube of cake*
Mr. Fluffy: Don't worry, I can remake that slice.
Tolee: Hmm... Chocolate cake. I admire آپ styling this after my fave band, Black Veil Brides. Andy Six (not his real name) should never leave the band....
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"Dim Sum, Lose Some": YeYe teaches Kai-Lan and her دوستوں how to make dim sum.

"The Lulu Above and the Rintoo Below": Rintoo wants to fly in the air like Lulu.

"It's the Natural Thing to Do": Kai-Lan and YeYe go on a trip to a new safari park… only to find that Rintoo, Tolee, Hoho and Lulu are slated to be the new animals on display!

"High But Not Dry": Kai-Lan has to wear diapers because she wets her bed.

"Standby… Lights! Camera! Kai-Lan!": After attending a Hong Kong film festival, Kai-Lan decides to make her own movie.

"Travels with My Ants": The Ants are curious about what's on the other...
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[花生醬果凍 Brobee啟蘭毫秒Spyler塔布Sploshy Finbar泰倫斯威諾納條&阿米利亞]








[花生醬果凍 Brobee啟蘭毫秒Spyler塔布Sploshy...
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[Spyler] ,Lulu on Flute Hoho On Washing Bord Rintoo on bongos & Toole on xylophone

There's موسیقی in the air

[Finbar & Reg]

And موسیقی on the ground


There's موسیقی when آپ care

[Massimo cinnamon مکڑی Axl pallette Peanut, مکھن and جیلی kai-lan Spyler Keith Milli Brobee Sploshy Tubb Finbar Terence Amelia Kids Bot Geo plex Toodee Muno Reg Dan Winona Foofa & Cece]

And موسیقی all around


If آپ open up your ears


You'll hear that happy sound


'Cause anywhere that آپ may be



[Bot & Kids]

There's موسیقی all around


Up in a tree
A bird is singing his...
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(Spyler Kai-lan & friends, ya'ay!)

[Female Vocalist]

Ooo ooo Oodelay

(more vocalists join)

Ooo ooo Oodelay
Ooh ah Oodelay


(Yeah, whooo!)

[Female and Male Vocalists, Overlapping]

(Ooh, aah, Oodelay...

Do do do doot da day-o!
Do do do doot da day-o!
Do do do doot da day-o!

Open up a new day-o
Jumpin' up to play-o
Everybody just say so
Ooh ah!

Ooo, ah, ooo, ah, eh-o
Day-o, Oodelay-O

[Female Vocalist]

Mother, Father, sister and brother
All the family now!

[Female Chorus]

Ooh ooh ooh, ah, Oodelay-O!


Kai-Lan's Royal Adventures
Season 2, Episode 1
"The Royal Pain"

[The episode begins with Kai-Lan and her دوستوں playing a game of tag. Everyone is laughing as Hoho chases his دوستوں around the palace, in hopes of tagging them.]

Hoho: [tagging Tolee] Tag, I got you. You're it, Tolee.
Tolee: Hey, no fair! آپ weren't on the ground, and آپ didn't evenn tag me. آپ just hopped on my head and told me that I was it.
Hoho: Pretty cool, huh?
Tolee: But now I have one question.
Hoho: What's that?
Tolee: How did آپ manage to do that?
Hoho: Simple, if you're really small and unseen, آپ can do a whole bunch...
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Kai-Lan's Royal Adventures
Season 1, Episode 13
"My New Prince"

[[The episode begins with Kai-Lan and Rintoo in the royal playroom, talking about what the RoboBuddy's new upgrade.]]

Rintoo: This new upgrade on the RoboBuddy will help him get around better, understand مزید of what we say to him, control what he does, and he can be a better part of the palace.
Kai-Lan: Wow, that's a super upgrade that guy did. Do آپ think he can give me the rope?
Rintoo: I don't see why not. [[to the RoboBuddy]] RoboBuddy, hand the empress the jumprope.
RoboBuddy: Will do. [[The RoboBuddy walks over to the table, where...
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