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 Kai-Lan's Royal Adventures Characters (Updated)
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Kai-Lan's Royal Adventures
Season 1, Episode 11
"Former Life of Ye Ye"

[[The episode begins with Kai-Lan and Ye Ye doing some gardening.]]

Kai-Lan: What kind of پھول is this, Ye Ye?
Ye Ye: That kind of پھول is a yellow petunia. It came from the other side of the forest.
Kai-Lan: And this one?
Ye Ye: This one is a black rose. They're مزید likely to grow outside of China, but they can be shipped all the way from Japan.
Kai-Lan: That's great. How do آپ know all of these different types of flowers?
Ye Ye: آپ know, سے طرف کی looking at them and understanding what they are. Also, reading about them. That's...
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Why give Stompy his first fanfic? Because he doesn't get any damn respect. Yeah, his name is on the عنوان of an NHKL episode, but I don't feel that's enough. Hence, the following fanfic.

Kai-Lan: Stompy, آپ want to do WHAT?????
Stompy: Yeah. آپ heard me. I want to become a daredevil. Like, آپ know, Evel Knievel, but with fewer injuries.
Kai-Lan: And you're absolutely sure آپ want to potentially risk your life doing crazy-ass stunts?
Stompy: Are آپ kidding me? I get no respect around here! Back when آپ had that train(I don't want to know how آپ even got that), آپ and your دوستوں had to...
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It's Christmas time in the village and everybody's excited. Here's where the story begins. Kai-Lan and her دوستوں are putting up decorations, while Ye Ye is putting out snacks besides them.

Ye Ye: How are the decorations coming along?
Kai-Lan: They're going great.
Ye Ye: [laughs] I'm glad to hear that. Here are some snacks for آپ guys.
All: Xie Xie!
Ye Ye: Bié kèqì. I know آپ guys must be getting hungry after all that hard work. Huítóu jiàn!
All: Huítóu jiàn!
Hoho: Kai-Lan, do آپ think there will be a lot of presents under the درخت this year?
Kai-Lan: I hope so, Hoho. It's gonna be very...
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The reason I made the switch in titles was I originally was going to have a minor character befall this fate, but after I thought it through a little more, Rintoo seemed like a perfect fit for this whole thing. So... that ends the confusion. Now, for why this fanfic is titled what it's titled.

Rintoo: Okay, guys, get ready to have your brains explode.
Tolee: I'm grossed out سے طرف کی fleshy explosions.
Rintoo: Okay, except for Tolee.
Kai-Lan: If anything happens, we're here for you.
Rintoo: Okay, here we go.
*Rintoo starts his run with a 360 Melon, an easy trick to pull off. He then ramps it up a bit by...
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added by caesar213
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A فہرست of characters that will appear in the fan-made series, Kai-Lan's Royal Adventures.

Kai-Lan (empress of China)
Rintoo (emperor of China)
Hoho (prince of China)
Tolee and Lulu (king and queen of China)
The Monkey King
Xin Xin and Tain Tain (prince and princess of Kai-Lan's castle)
The Ants (Kai-Lan's guards)
Stompy (one of Kai-Lan's knights)
The لومڑی King
The برداشت, ریچھ Queen

New Characters

Yoshi (prince)
Wubbzy (prince)
Kookie (Rintoo's little sister and princess of China)
Danny (prince)
Spyler (prince)
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[Rintoo and Spyler runnning and laughing]
Rintoo: I'm going to get yopu.
Spyler: [laughing] آپ don't stand a chance.
[stomach growling]
Spyler: What was that?
Rintoo: That was my tummy rumbling. All this running around is making me hungry.
[Spyler's stomach growls]
Spyler: Me too. Hey, why don't we go ہوم for lunch.
Rintoo: That's an awesome idea. Hey, Spyler, what do آپ think is going to be for lunch?
Spyler: I hope there's مونگفلی, مونگ پھلی مکھن and جیلی sandwiches, oh, oh, یا maybe hot dogs, یا maybe, یا maybe
[Rintoo's stomach growls again]
Rintoo: Well, whatever's there is going to taste awesome!
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[[Rintoo and Hoho are lying down on the grass, looking up at the sky, when all of a sudden they hear a strange noise.]]

Hoho: What was that?
Rintoo: I'm not sure. But whatever it is, it sure is loud.

[[The noise begins again, but this time, it's close.]]

Hoho: There it is again. But it's closer this time.
Rintoo: It seems t come from around here.

[[Hoho puts his ears on Rintoo's stomach, where he finds out that it was his stomach making the noise.]]

Hoho: It's your tummy, Rintoo.
Rintoo: [[laughs]] You're right. I guess I'm getting hungry. [[laughs again]]

[[Hoho's stomch starts growling.]]

Hoho: Hey,...
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I have some great news. I have decided to release the entire first season of Kai-Lan's Royal Adventures for your entertainment pleasure.

Here is how it'll be done:

I'll put each episode into a ZIP folder and anyone who wishes to own it can ring me up.

All آپ need to do to receive the folder is leave a message on my page with your e-mail address and I'll send it to آپ ASAP.

If there is anything آپ would like to ask me concerning the release of the season, feel free to contact me at my e-mail address: یا on my profile.

The promised conclusion of this fanfic is here at last.

*After waiting about a week(they had to do some pretty extensive tests), I get the call. My ringtone is DragonForce's new song(as of earlier this year) Fallen World.*

Edvine: Yo, doc, what's going on with Rintoo? It's been a week, man.
Veterinarian: I apologize for the delay; we made sure to check everything, just in case he had any pre-existing conditions, mutated DNA, یا birth defects.
Edvine: Birth defects? He's fucking 6.
Veterinarian: And the whole walking upright thing, what the hell is that?
Edvine: آپ saw nothing about that. Tell no...
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[phone rings]
Rintoo: Hello.
Munchy: Rintoo, it's me, Munchy. Listen, I was kinda hoping that we could have a play date, maybe we can meet at the park.
Rintoo: Sure, that would be an awesome idea. What time?
Munchy: How about 1:00?
Rintoo: Sounds good, see آپ then.
[Rintoo starts grabbing some stuff to bring to the park, such as his toy truck, pail and shovel and plane]
Tolee: What's going on?
Rintoo: Getting ready for a play تاریخ with Munchy?
Tolee: Wow, that sounds like fun. Well, have a good time.
[Rintoo arrives at the park and sees Munchy]
Munchy: Rintoo, Im'm so glad آپ can make it. Are آپ ready...
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Kai-Lan's Royal Adventures
Season 2, Episode 5
"Rintoo's Finest"

[The episode begins in Tolee's castle. Him and Lulu are in their playroom, ribbon dancing.]

Lulu: Okay Tolee, do آپ think آپ can do a mega twirl?
Tolee: I don't know. How do آپ do a mega twirl?
Lulu: Check it out: آپ get in a good position, and آپ gotta get in the mood. Everything that surrounds آپ must be in pretty goood range. And...proceed with the mega twirl.

[Lulu begins the mega twirl. The mega twirl starts with a big leap in the air, followed سے طرف کی a double spin, and it finishes off with big ribbon twirl.]

Lulu: See. It's not...
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(Hey, bro & b !)
When آپ need a giggle
Give a little wiggle
How آپ gonna pout, waddlin' about?


Try a little wobble
Shakin' like a blobble
Take the way you're feelin' and laugh it out

[Peanut, Jelly, Kai-lan Spyler Milli Olivia Plex Muno Foofa & Toodee]

Go to where the giggles grow, deep down inside
Never knew a hee-hee-ho-ho-ho
Ya' had to hide


Flappin' like a duck-o
Make آپ wanna chuckle
What's a دن without flippin' like a trout?

[Peanut, Jelly, Kai-lan Milli Plex Muno Olivia Foofa & Toodee]

Feelin' really doofy, get a little goofy
Take the way you're feelin' and laugh it out
Waddle wobble, waddle wiggle
Twirlin' like a whirly-giggle
Take the way you're feeling and laugh it out


(me and مکھن used to sing songs to Kally