Earlier this year, Nine Muses member Euaerin revealed that she wanted to withdraw from the girl group after their “Ladies” promotions because she had “wanted to rest.”

شائقین were therefore surprised to see her back with the group for their “Figaro” comeback, leading many to wonder what led her to retract her decision.

Representatives of سٹار, ستارہ Empire explained, “We think she was very tired after her debut. She tried to give up her singing career, but it’s a dream that she’s had since she was quite young, so we believe she wanted to get up and give it another try.”

They continued, “She spent a lot of time discussing it with the company before deciding to return for the group’s activities. She prepared with the other members for their ‘Figaro’ comeback. Eunaerin is a talented person with a lot of aegyo and a bright personality, so the atmosphere was great. She’s also able to pick things up quickly so she gained skills in no time. Euaerin was determined to work harder than ever and دکھائیں a better image, so she’s been rehearsing every night.”

It seems that Euaerin’s decision to come back wasn’t a wasteful one, as she’s being applauded سے طرف کی the industry for her glamorous figure, talented dancing skills, and even throwing a perfect pitch at a baseball game for LG Twins on August 23rd.