ust looking at him scared me! I looked at the gods and they looked up at him very seriously. I have heard of him and learned about him,but this killed me.I mean-he was a dark blue,had these blue shades and a red کالر with spikes on it.And he had sharp claws on both of his hands and feet.But those sharp teeth is what shocked me! But I'm here to keep Yoshi's island محفوظ from this freak-I had to be brave! I looked up and the storm was getting worse.Then I looked down and thousands of Yoshi's were watching.And مزید came in ready to fight.I saw all kinds of Yoshi's that looked different but were fighting in this war.I then said,"You all help everyone fight, I will take Boshi myself". They agreed and that's when the army ran down the mountain starting the war.And the Yoshi's did the same.And the Yoshi gods jumped down to شامل میں the fight.Then Boshi jumped down to me.He looked at me with those red eyes.He then said,"So...... This is the one who will destroy me.Well, آپ look like some person"! And I said"Well, I wont let آپ harm any Yoshi as long as I'm here!"He laughed and said"We will see......we will see.....".

Then the battle started.

First I changed into a Yoshi and summoned my blade.Then he charged up some electricity with his hands and a beam shot out heading right toward me.I jumped it and it went behind me blowing up the rocks.I came back and shot آگ کے, آگ out of my blade but he just swiped it away and came back at me with مزید electricity.Luckily/Fortunately, I dodged it but that gave him the element of surprise and he punched me right in the face,which sent me flying far before crashing into the ground hard. I got up and to find Boshi in the air with wings shooting lighting at me.I used the blade to deflect it and shot back with fire. I actually hit him but not much happened.All it did is anger him and he started shooting آگ کے, آگ out of his mouth! I jumped out of the way and tried to grab him with my tongue. Which was a bad اقدام because he grabbed it and flung me into one of the Yoshi houses. I got up again and i jumped out of there back to him.I then grew wings to stay in midair. He tried to hit me with a thunder مککا, عجیب الخلقت but I swiftly dodged it and slashed him with my blade.He flew down to the ground and slammed into it where after was a huge hole covered سے طرف کی rocks.I then spotted bombs down there and one سے طرف کی one, i turned them into eggs throwing them where he is and it blew up. I was happy that it was over.I turned around to look at the on going war.It was horrible ! Houses were on fire,the ground having holes all over it,and Yoshi's out there,risking there life fighting.I noticed the Yoshi gods were having no trouble but some normal Yoshi's were injured.That made tears come to me. I decided to شامل میں them but then a huge thunder bolt struck near me and when I looked back, Boshi was heading towards me and boom!

He hit me with a super thunder punch!

I flew back,in pain far into a mountain.And there the gods watched me in shock and they tried to help me, but Boshi just came in and beat them up. After he was done with him,he flew back over to me.I could barely اقدام because I had burnt marks and blood all over me.He then landed and said," You're such a fool! آپ think آپ could beat me! Well now I'll finish آپ and this island!!!". He put his feet on me squished my head into the ground.Then struck me with lighting right in the heart.

I was dead.

From there he walked away with laughter.The gods arrived in deep pain and looked at me.They knew it was over. Boshi then said"So this was your hero?He was nothin'! And now he's dead just like آپ WILL BE"!!He held his hand ready to آگ کے, آگ and then, a huge beam of light shot out of the storm. Boshi then turned around and saw it strike upon me.Then آگ کے, آگ blasted out of the clouds quickly hurdling towards me and it struck me. The impact blew them back. They all were in shocked and surprised to see what was happening. Then Boshi said,"What is going on?"And I woke up.I felt a surge of power go within me.I stood up as the flame went to the side.My wings were back but bigger, My eyes were light red mixed with blue And my blade was stronger than ever and was on fire."I thought I killed you!" Boshi کہا in shock. Then Jusci said"It's the full power of the magical fire"! Then I made the آگ کے, آگ come towards him and he was hit hard and went flying. I walked towards the path of آگ کے, آگ and Sama said" آپ have great power,you are the only one who can do it.Please win,for everyone". And I replied," I'm doing this for مزید than everyone here,now I want him gone."Then I flew off.

When Boshi got back into fighting,he threw heaps/loads/tons of lighting me but I used آگ کے, آگ back and they both collided.We kept doing the same thing till i got close enough to him were i made my tail grow and slapped him downward.He saved himself سے طرف کی using lighting but i shot him down with fire.He then made thunder shoot down from the clouds and I reflected it with my blade.I then made a آگ کے, آگ tornado and Boshi got caught in it and got blown away again.He then said"DIE!!!!!!!". He then shot a continuous beam of lighting at me and I did the same with fire. Both our beams collided and the power was so strong that آپ could not see us up there! Sparks flew and we both struggled to keep it going.So I laid an egg and put it in the blast.Boshi saw it and he lost focus and my آگ کے, آگ beam blew right though him.A huge explosion occurred. Every one was blasted away!When the smoke vanished,there was Boshi. Laying on the ground in much pain.I flew down to him and said" there once was a yoshi/human,he had great power and had to defeat an evil force.Who is that person"? And all Boshi could say is" w..hh..oo". And I said"you"!!And i jabbed my blade right into him!Much darkness flew out and vanished into the sky till he was gone.Then the sky went back to being blue.The fires stopped and everything was back to normal.I then changed back into my normal Yoshi form.And then I fell to my knees.
And the army vanished too. Sama came up to me and کہا happily:"You did it! آپ saved Yoshi's island! Thank you!" And i gladly کہا standing up"anything for the Yoshies".

So as time went by,fixing the town and restoring the injured Yoshies. Me and the Yoshi gods were on a hill.Then Jusic said"What آپ did was amazing! آپ saved everyone here.We really have to thank you"! And I said"As i said,anything for the Yoshies!" Then Waty said" آپ have an two options. We can change آپ back into a human and live your regular life again,or آپ can stay a Yoshi forever". I said" There is no way i'm giving this ability up. Because of this, i realized who i was meant to be. A Yoshi." Then Space said" If آپ chose to stay a Yoshi,then we want آپ to take classes here to learn how to speak,talk, interact and whatever else we do". I said"But of course. But I must say something first". They asked"What?" I said

"Thank you!"

The end.