Ask NU’EST!!

Name – Hangeul : 곽아론 (Kwak Aron) Chinese : I don’t have any…yes~

تاریخ of Birth : 93/05/21

Height/Weight : 176cm/58kg… yes~

Blood Type : A type…yes~

پسندیدہ Colour : ↗…yes~

شرٹ, قمیض Size/Foot Size : 95/260

Ideal Type (Specificially ) : You~…yes~

1. It’s the 1st Anniversary since Debut! How do آپ feel?
Very good… yes~

2. Concept آپ want to try?
I want to try all… yes~

3. Things آپ want to do most with L.O.V.Es?
All… yes~

4. Ranking of members in terms of appearance?
1 – Aron, 2-Minhyun, 3-JR, 4-Ren/Baekho…Sorry~

5. Any member who is still slightly awkward with you?
Nope…yes~ All of them are nice…yes~

6. Which member likes to expose their bodies most inside the dorm?

7. Have آپ ever spoke in english to the other members as a joke?
Nope… I only do it when I’m talking on the phone…yes~

8. Are آپ reading any کتابیں recently that you’d like to recommend?
I haven’t been reading any کتابیں lately because it has been too busy… Yes~
Korean dictionary? Yes~

9. Oldest member Aron! Is it a good thing یا a bad thing that you’re the oldest?
When we have our get togethers/gatherings, the CEO gave me Soju…yes~

10. For NU’EST, L.O.V.Es are?
My fans….yes~ My پسندیدہ lovely L.O.V.Es…yes~

11. What is something that you’re most confident آپ excel over the other members at?
English… yes~

12. Who is your roommate now after the حالیہ change?
Junior Royal… oh no! =(

13. The song that آپ like most from the debut album to the most حالیہ album?
너네누나소개시켜줘(The girl اگلے door). I like it very much… yes~

14. Which animals resembles each member in NU’EST?
I don’t resemble any… JR Agumon?… yes~

15. If آپ were دیا a week to go on a vacation, what would آپ like to do?
I want to go to the countryside and play… yes~

16. If آپ had a supernatural power, what kind of power would آپ like to have?
Time Stop! Yes~

17. (Word) Modifier you’d like to put in front of your name?
NU’EST Jjang-Aron

18. Jokes یا words that are used often between the members?
Yes…oh no!

19. Part of your body آپ consider the most charming?

20. What will Aron be doing 10 years from now?
I want to be married and live happily…yes~