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I rewatched the first five on my DVD last night and I caught a few things. They may have been noticed, but I just want to فہرست them and other random things.

1.The Tinkerbell windmill shot ( cameo)

2.At the War Council meeting, Granny is knitting a blanket and its Emma's iconic baby blanket

3.The Wardrobe,is a nod to Narnia

4.The flowers in Snow's hair, are the ones in the little vase she puts سے طرف کی Davids bedside on her rounds at the hospital

5.Granny's ڈنر, کھانے has Forest/Woods پیپر وال and its where Ruby works ( Little Red Riding hood, dont go walking in those spooky old woods)

6.Regina has an Ornate mirror in her house, and a Horse statue above her ornate fireplace in her office ( her prized steed).

7.Cinderella has a " Tangled/Rapunzel" moment at her wedding-" I cant believe how happy I am, I used to watch these fireworks every-year on the same day, now they are for me"- something of sorts

8.Cinder and Ash- the root word of Cinderella and Ashley's names both mean the dirt from a fire.

9. Archie's parents look like " Honest John" and " Gideon"

10.The Evil Gnome in Regina's Garden is the one she stoned in Fairyworld.

11.Chip and Pongo are the cutest Cameo's. LOL

12.The Tale Red Riding hood,started out long پہلے as a tale of maturity and growing up. The red she wears ( sorry guys) is a symbol of menstruation ( PMS) and a girl becoming a woman through bravery and sexuality. The بھیڑیا is the temptation she faces.

13. The سٹار, ستارہ candle Emma uses on her birthday is like the song " When آپ wish upon a star"

14. The Valentines دن card, That David was going to give Mary had a Prince, Princess and a قلعہ on it.

15.The Wizard of Oz, and Alice in Wonderland do appear in Henry's book, when the wind is blowing the pages.

16.Gaston and Belle are already engaged to be married unlike in the Disney version where Gaston would give anything to have gotten even that far.

17. Mickey's Sorcerers hat, and an ornate clock appear in Rumples castle.

18. We have a " One flew over the Cuckoo's Nest" moment below the hospital with Nurse Ratched and Chief

19.The Evil Queen comes to talk about " a certain mermaid" at the end of Skin Deep. Not referring to the Siren, in Epi.13- Sirens and Mermaids are slightly different, but the عنوان can be used interchangeably.

20. The magic Genie says he is from Agrabah- the ہوم of Aladdin and Jasmine, in the Disney film.

21.Gepetto Called the little boy his son in the Pilot episode. His son was a real boy carving a whale.
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