Got board decided to write a little fanfiction. I did post this on too so if آپ see it there, just know it wasn't stolen from me nor did I steal it from someone else.
This fanfic takes place sometime after Regina, Emma, and the others arrive in Neverland. It starts out after they managed to locate Peter Pan.

“Do آپ want him back that badly? So badly enough that you’d be willing to do anything for to get him back?” Peter asked motioning to very displeased looking Henry.
“Yes. I’ll do anything آپ ask exchange for my son’s محفوظ return.” Regina nodded.
“Anything at all?” Peter smirked.
“Yes.” Regina stared the boy straight in the eyes. “Anything.”
“Deliver the boy back to his real mother.” Peter ordered the Lost Boys, rendering a scowl from Regina at the use of ‘real’. He turned to the woman. “As for آپ my dear…”
“Go on get outta here.” One of the Lost Boys کہا in a hush as he gave Henry a shove. With a final glance back—earning him an “I کہا go”—Henry made his way out of the underbrush.
“Mom.” Henry cried out and flung himself into Emma’s arms.
“Henry…kid, how did آپ get here?” Emma asked.
“Regina. She made some sort of deal with Peter.” Henry huffed
“Well that wasn’t a good idea.” Mr. سونا murmured from some feet away.
“What’s that supposed to mean, Gold?” Emma questioned.
“Could mean a great many things.” The imp answered before returning to his novel.
“Well we can’t just leave her with him. She did save Henry.” Mary Margret pointed out.
“We came here for Henry, not her.” Mr. سونا remarked.
“And we owe Regina nothing.” David added.
“But she’s my mom.” Henry protested. There was a moment of silence.
“We’ll find her Henry, just like we did the last time.” Emma put a hand on his shoulder.
“We can break off into groups.” Mary Margret suggested. “I’ll go with Charming and Emma…”
“I’m not going anywhere with the crocodile” Hook stated matter-of-factly. “And who do آپ propose will watch the Jolly Roger?”
Mary Margret remained silent for a moment before responding “Charming and Mr. سونا will partner up and آپ may go with Emma. I’ll watch Henry and the Jolly Roger while آپ are away.”
Reluctantly Hook agreed to this plan and with much hesitation he and Emma set off into the jungle. “Come on Henry, I’ll دکھائیں آپ around the Jolly Roger.” Mary Margret offered.
“But I wanted to go with Emma.” Henry pouted.
“We already lost آپ once, we’re not going to do it again.” Mary Margret declared. With a sigh Henry took a نشست on shore.
“Aren’t آپ going to come aboard?” Mary Margret asked.
“Maybe later.” Henry rested his head on his knees. He remained this way for several hours, waiting for Mary Margret to remove her watchful eyes from him. But the fact that he was sitting in one place only seemed to make Mary Margret مزید watchful of him.
“Can we at least go for a walk?” Henry asked finally growing board.
“A short one.” Mary Margret compromised.
It was along the way ہوم that Mary Margret and Henry and run into Charming and Gold—and eventually Hook and Emma. The six walked back to the ship, discussing their findings; nothing at all. Not even a sign of Regina. It was already dark when they arrived back at the Jolly Roger. No sooner had they walked into the ship had Hook practically screamed “WHO DREW ALL OVER MY SHIP!?”
Emma looked up to see about ten childish doodles colored all over the walls. And a brief glance to the left revealed the culprit; a little girl—no older than six—staring at Hook with big brown eyes, blue crayon still in hand (and still pressed to the دیوار at that).
“Who are آپ and how did آپ get on my ship?” Hook bellowed.
“I’m captain Regina Mills and I found it, and no one was in it, so it’s mine!” Regina declared with a childish grin.