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I just want to start off سے طرف کی saying that I don't intend to upset any شائقین of these ships I just wanna explain some things that I feel like some people don't acknowledge. Another thing that I want to state is that I don't think there is such a thing as a "good"or "bad" person. Everyone has done good things in their life and everyone has screwed up at some point, as well. I think it will be important for آپ to know this as آپ read.

I'm not going to tell آپ which ship I ship yet, just so آپ can hear me through :) (Even though you'll probably figure it out)

When I re-watched some episodes of Season 2, I realized that Hook was pretty umm...creepy, I don't know a better word to use to describe it. He was hitting on every woman he saw. I mean, he even hit on Emma's MOM (Snow). Like, seriously Hook? We have a real gentleman over here. Granted he has gotten better in season 3, at least in Neverland, and I was ALMOST thinking that Hook wasn't so bad anymore. Until he reverted...(Season 3 Episode 10). Supposedly Hook decided to stop fighting for Emma, but instead of دکھانا his maturity and dealing with it like a man, he drowns his sorrows in rum. (By the way, where does he keep getting refills? lol). Then he makes it
worse سے طرف کی hitting on Tinkerbell.

See, this is my issue with Hook, our first few experiences with him and Emma kinda seamed like this to me: Hook: "I know آپ don't like me too much, but you'll totally fall for me soon". When they (Emma, Snow, Mulan, and Aurora) first met Hook, he pretty much saw them as a bunch of women he could play. Then he decides to hone in on Emma a little, while still making time to hit on her mom and Ruby, of course. See Hook acts like he can just get any woman he wants, but then he actually finds one that he may be in love with, so he decides to shape up for her. In a way آپ could see that as a kind gesture, but wouldn't آپ rather have had him respect her and everyone else in the first place to win her over? I hope this makes sense...just to make it clear, I do like Hook, in a sense, I think he's a great character who adds a nice dynamic to the show. I just don't like the fact the Emma is being an idiot and possibly falling for him.

I honestly feel like a lot of people ship Captain سوان, ہنس because Hook is hot. آپ know, I could be wrong and I'm sure there are a lot of آپ that ship them for better reasons.

I would also like to know why Captain سوان, ہنس شائقین ship them, I personally don't think that Emma and Hook mesh well (or have chemistry) as a couple. I just can't imagine what they'd be like together, I feel like Emma doesn't fully trust Hook and Hook will do almost anything to please her. I'd just really like to know why آپ guys think they do :)

Lastly, the infamous kiss. I honestly think that she did that out of impulse. The two reasons being that he just saved her fathers life and he's hot lol. I really don't think she meant anything سے طرف کی it, but poor Hook thought she did. I'll say that I do think it was messed up for her to do that and then expect him to not think she had feelings for him.

I'm honestly not trying to come up with bad things to say about Hook, just to make Neal look good lol. These are my honest opinions :D

{This is gonna be REALLY LONG, thanks for anyone who has read so far}

Now for Neal, Neal has been getting SO much hate that he does not deserve. The people that hate on him can be SUCH hypocrites. Allow me to explain why. The biggest point about Neal is that he "abandoned" Emma, it amazes me that people can ACTUALLY make this seam like he did the wrong thing. For goodness sake, he was sacrificing his own wishes for Emma's well being. He WANTED to be with her! He probably heard about the curse (from August) and thought about all the bad things that he had experienced regarding magic. Wouldn't it be selfish of him to be like "oh well I guess those people will just have to suffer for the rest of their lives and never know who they really are"? The reasons why I think people can be Hypocrites about it because they paint Hook out to be this wonderful person, despite all the crap he's done, but slam on Neal for doing the right thing!

I'm not saying that Neal is a perfect person ether, like I کہا in the beginning, everyone does good and bad. But it's unfair to place someone above another. It may seem like I'm making Neal out to be a better person than Hook, but I'm not. I'm trying to دکھائیں why he is the one that should be with Emma.

Another reason why Neal gets hate is because of Tamara. Do people REALLY, honestly, think that it was wrong for him to اقدام on? Well apparently they do. For all he knew Emma could've moved on too. Is it right for him to keep himself from the happiness that he could have with someone else? This is also where some شائقین become hypocrites because technically Hook moved on from Milah too, and is he wrong for that? No. (For the record, I don't think Neal ever loved Tamara).

To conclude, I think Emma and Neal have a really sweet and real relationship. I hope their family can be one again :)

[Also regarding تبصرے and other things that may come up as a result of my مضمون I want to state this: I think we can all agree that there are some completely insane SF and CS shippers, and I do too hate love triangles. At this point in the game I both agree with SF and CS shippers. I understand both sides. I would still like Emma to be with Neal, but I just wish that having this opinions didn't have to start such insane wars between fans. Some people can be very immature, but this whole thing is not a big deal. Let us remember it is just a show. I write these مضامین because this is something I enjoy, I wish we could all enjoy OUAT together, WITH our separate opinions :)]
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