So the majority of آپ on the سروے voted for me to write an مضمون on my opinion of Snow/Mary M this time.

As some of آپ know, it's MM I mainly hate not Snow. This is because of things she did in Storybrooke.
Snow isn't like the Disney Snow, a damsel in distress. I like how bad-ass she is and that she doesn't need a prince to come and save her. She is also quite selfless, no completely, but quite selfless. When she ate the سیب, ایپل so that Charming could live was very brave of her. She is also loyal to Red which makes me happy since Red/Ruby is my favorite. The way she helped her out after what happened with Peter and accepted her for being a بھیڑیا and a human. Most people would run away if they found out they were دوستوں with a wolf, but since Red took her in, Snow accepted it. She can be quite smart at times as well but sometimes not. She can have some good one liners and her relationship with Charming is just hysterical. I have nothing positive to say about Mary Margaret.
The negatives are mainly based on MM, since she is my 3rd least favorite.
MM doesn't have any of the "cool" qualities that Snow has in season 1, but that's understandable due to the curse. But after the curse was broken I just thought she got so annoying and self-centered. Well, thinking about herself, Emma, Charming and Henry. I hate it when she (and Emma) only talk to Ruby now when they need something and they call themselves "friends". The totally use Ruby just because they need to go and fight someone یا talk to someone.
And of course there is the incident about killing Cora. I don't care if she was doing it to protect her family یا doing it for vengeance. It was totally wrong what she done. I'm not excusing all the murders Cora and Regina have committed but MM went a step further and actually tricked Regina into killing her own mother. That is absolutely sick to do that to anyone, even King George for goodness sake. She was being a complete coward and just making things harder for herself. She could've took other paths like: Controlling Cora to heal Gold, then return her دل un-cursed and everyone would be happy. But no, she decides to be a complete b*tch and upset مزید people. She did admit this in 2x22 (I think) but it doesn't change what she does. Also the thing about slapping Marco and claiming it "wasn't her". Well, it may have been her dark دل taking over but she's the one who caused her دل to be dark. Like I کہا the simple thing to do would be:
Controlling Cora to heal Gold, then return her دل un-cursed. That would be a perfect solution.
I know I'm not the only one mad at what she done to Cora, there are many others who are even مزید mad than me, on YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Fanpop...

And that's my opinion on Snow.