Once Upon A Time Regina and Rumple - Mysterious Unsaid Issues"

sonyabr3 posted on Jun 05, 2013 at 05:41PM
Regina and Rumple???
Has anyone else noticed or felt there is some kind of mysterious unsaid issues between these two???
Maybe I'll try and unravel the mystery surrounding them.
I guess I'll start right at the beginning really, when a young innocent Regina first summoned Rumple!
It didn't take long for Rumple to appear, cause after all he made it quite clear to Regina that....he's been waiting for her!!
And that..... they belong together!!
(Perhaps together as Team Evil).
We all know Rumple's master plan with Regina was to take all hope of love and happy endings away from her enough to make her cast his Dark Curse.
Rumples cruel and painful plan of leading Regina on with bringing Daniel back to life worked to his perfection.
But I can't help thinking that his poor vulnerable Apprentice, trapped in an unpassionate marriage could easily be seduced, especially by someone who was mysterious and so intriquing. Rumple and Regina would have spent alot of time together when he was training her and he would have given her alot of attention. Not to mention we all know that Rumple likes to hover very close to any female that he is manipulating or controlling. Always in a very seductive manner.
I can imagine Regina would have found refuge in Rumples company compared to the cold and distant King who only had time for his daughter, Snow.
As for Rumple, well I'm sure he would have been quiet happy to lead Regina on, enjoying every minute of it. Totally convincing her that he loved her and they would live happily ever after together reigning evil power over her Kingdom.
But ultimately, when his work with her was over, it was time to cast her out.
Tell her the truth, that he never loved her and never will. Ouch!
That she was just a pawn used to get back at her mother, Cora.
Whom he confesses he once loved. Double Ouch!!
Rumple by all means would be most capable of such a cruel and calculated plan. Pushing Regina to the edge, of that "no more happy endings"
Stirring up more anger and venom in this already torn and broken women whom he infected with evil. Nothing more dangerous than a scorned women! Especially an evil one!!
Hence the beginning of her desire to be more powerful than Rumple.
Good for him, cause that's just what he wants. The more powerful Regina becomes the more greater she is capable of casting his Dark Curse.
Well that's my theory anyway!!
Let me know What you think???
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پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک intrigued1 said…
I totaly understand where you are coming from with that. Originally i thought the same thing. Now it is obviously very different. What if Rumple is Regina's father? Wouldn't that just twist this family tree even more? Rumple and Reginas mother were in love so much she ripped her own heart out. Henry, the older gentleman whom Henry is named for, wasn't her real dad. She was pregnant when she married the King. Could be because that's a bargaining thing Rumple does a lot or that they were in love, doesn't matter. Don't think rumple knows though since he was so obsessed with finding Bale his only child.