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So all of the chatting I've been doing with Audreygrace had gotten me to thinking. Mostly about the psychology of our core characters and how they work with and compare to one another. I am particularly captured سے طرف کی Regina in comparison to Gold. They are so similar yet so different. And so I wanted to type up a little something about it. I'll be using bits and chunks of the aforementioned comments.

One way in which I found Regina and سونا to be very similar is how they both started off as good people and then slowly became corrupt out of desperateness. They were both put in very trying situations...
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I see a good deal of people (particularly on tumblr) saying that Regina still hasn't suffered enough for what she has done and still has a lot to do before she is redeemed. I personally disagree. I'm not here to press my opinions on anyone, but so simply share why I think she has paid a pretty large price for the things she has done and has already redeemed herself.

For starts, and this one is a big one for me; she was tortured. Now this has no direct connection to the curse and the deeds she had done in the Enchanted Forest, but it was definitely an ass-kicking courtesy of karma. Honestly the...
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