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This Once Upon A Time پیپر وال might contain آگ, شعلوں, نرک, and آگ کے شعلوں سے پراسرار.

 Never trust a killed employer
Never trust a killed employer
Lol this is something that would have been perfect month's پہلے but i just thought of it now. Plus Zanhar1's hilarious song fics inspired me to try one of my own.

Pan arrogantly stepped to the crowd of the frozen towns people in front of him. He turned to Belle and his grandson Bealfire ( یا "IT'S NEAL!") as he claimed "You both look so adorable it's hard to tell which one to kill first" . He reached for his dagger and heard the cry of "You not going to touch any of them!" Rumple came running out of the دکان "Ah come to protect your woved one's" Pan chided "Oh believe me i am" "Please tell me...
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Behind the scenes trailer.
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Season 7 premieres October 6 on ABC.
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