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 Captain Hook & Emma سوان, ہنس
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captain سوان, ہنس
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OUAT is all about love and so as not to leave any sort of love out they made sure to include basically ever sort of love out there. Weather یا not آپ like one ship یا another آپ are sure to find one آپ can really sink your teeth into. Here is my personal opinion on all the ships that inhabit the great مرینا that in OUAT.

My OTP's

Mulora / Sleeping Warrior (Aurora & Mulan)

This is my #1 OTP no competition. I've written much مزید extensive مضامین explaining my love for them. In summery I've loved them since the start but never imagined they would become cannon. Now that they have I will...
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The Boy Who Ran Away یا the story of Bealfire

It all started with a boy that had lost his father. This was not uncommon at that time because the country was at war, but he had not lost his father in the war as the other boys had. He had lost him to a great darkness that had consumed all that was good in his father, all that he had loved. This darkness went سے طرف کی the name of magic.

The father that had loved him, cared for him, comforted him when his mother had been killed was gone. Magic had killed him یا was killing him and replacing him with a cruel man filled with hate that hurt everyone around...
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