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 Red Riding ڈاکو, ہڈ
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red riding ڈاکو, ہڈ
megan oghry
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This Once Upon A Time تصویر might contain ڈنر کپڑے, رات کے کھانے کے گاؤن, رسمی, شام کا گاؤن, رات کے کھانے کپڑے, رات کا کھانا گاؤن, کاک کپڑے, میان, کوکٹیل, and لباس.

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This is my take on the SwanFire debate. This is just how I saw what the دکھائیں was portraying and then got really frustrated with Emma's personality glitch when it came to Neal.

First, Emma was absolutely scarred سے طرف کی what happened. It's why she lied to Henry about his father - she couldn't stand the thought of him finding out what his father had done to her. She made up a story about how his father was a hero who died saving lives.

All her life Emma was completely unloved. As far as she knew at the time she was abandoned as a baby on the side of the road - "[her] parents didn't even care enough...
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once upon a time
emma سوان, ہنس
captain hook
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