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posted by Vampire_Lover97
 Made سے طرف کی : Nevenkastar
Made by : Nevenkastar
Hey! Here is 2nd Part of Chapter 2 Enjoy and sorry about grammar and perversity!:)

''Okay , just get over it , and tell us who screamed?'' Liam tried to pulls us out.
''I did! Sorry Kat! Sorry Liam!'' Nena was laughing...
''Liam! I think we should go now!'' I whisperd him in his ear.
''Bye-bye guys! It was really nice to talk with you!'' I laughed with fake smile and I took Liam's hand.
We went to our bedroom..
''Well , this was really close!'' I smiled.
''Don't worry about that....'' He smirked ''Where did we stop?''
He was kissing me again...He grabbed me around waist and pulled me to him.
''I have to say , آپ are not such good kisser!'' I lied and he got irritated.
''Really , well say it again!'' He pushed me on the بستر like before ,and start to kiss me harder...
''Okay , okay I lied!'' I kissed him back!
He took off my shirt...
''Liam! Isn't this little weired?!'' I asked him , but he didn't answer. He took off his pants.
''Stop it! I am not ready for this!'' I yelled at him and then Zayn & Christina came in!
''Really guys?! Again?'' they were laughing!
''What!? How do آپ mean again?!'' I کہا irritated and Liam looked at them confused.
''We heard it!'' Christina smiled.
''From who?!'' Liam کہا angry!
''Mr. Styles!'' Zayn was joking!
'' I will kill that idiot!!!'' Liam went to Harry's and Lana's room but I grabbed his hand!
''I am comming with you, but 1st I think we forgot something again!'' I whisperd him with smile.
We put some chlose on and then we went!
''Harry! آپ idiot! Why do آپ keep saying those stuffs about me and Liam!'' i was yelling at him!
''Wow! Look آپ put on chlose! I can't bealive!'' He was still joking!
''Not funny! We are going for a walk now, and if is there an imergancy , call us on phone!'' Liam yelled and he took my hand...We went out side.

Zayn's POV
''Zayn! I think I am going to take a shower!'' Christina smiled.
''Okay , I am going to ask Niall something!'' I replied but I lied.
She went in the bathroom...She took off her dress ,so she was just in panties and brassiere. Now it is my chance! I turned the lights off!
''Zayn! Are آپ here?!'' She کہا with panic voice.
I didn't replied... I was going to scare her. I opened the bathroom's door and she took just one step back. She couldn't see me , it was too dark... I went behind her back..and grabbed her...
''Who is this!!! Let me go!'' She was screaming now!
I put my hand on her mouth so she would be quite.
''I got آپ now!'' I کہا and kissed her on her neck.
''Zayn! What are آپ doing! آپ scared me ,you idiot!'' She hugged me and kissed me hard.
I put my hands on her butt. I grabbed her and threw her on the bed. She took off my shirt.
''You are really crazy ,why are آپ doing this!'' She کہا breathless and I kissed her harder this time!
''I didn't kiss آپ all day!'' I smirked.
She tried to pull of but I didn't let her!

Author's POV
As they were having fun, Harry passed سے طرف کی they room and heard some things...

Chapter 2 Part 1:

Chapter 2 Part 3:
 Made سے طرف کی : aNNalovechuck
Made by : aNNalovechuck
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*Sayna's POV*
I looked out of my car window to see my old house staring at me. The same house I had left suddenly a سال ago. The same house which had been my safety net ever since I was little, the same house, same street, same number. We had to اقدام away to Australia a سال a go. A whole سال I'd been gone, it seemed to go so fast, yet everyday away from here seemed to drag on forever. I'd left everything behind, friends, family, a perfect boyfriend. I'd left it all, one منٹ I was here, the اگلے I was on a plane travelling so far away from everything and everyone I loved. A quick...
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Me and niall stayed in silence for a couple of منٹ on the way home.

“So Mickie, I guess آپ enjoyed harry hitting me in the balls, eh?” he smirked.
“Uh… no of course not.” I lied.
He narrowed his eyes at me.
“Ok maybe a little....” I admitted.
Niall laughed.
“Look Mickie, I’m really sorry.” He sighed.
I stopped him.
“Niall, its fine. There’s no need to apologize AGAIN!” I laughed.
“Ok. Promise I won’t say sorry again!” he joked.
“Thank you!” I laughed.

Suddenly it started to get really cold and windy.
Great. I forgot to bring a جیکٹ یا a hoodie and...
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"Ugh, what a night eh?" Amy کہا
"Yeah. Great night!" I agreed
I looked over and Rebecca and Hannah were wrapped around eachother and in a deep sleep.
"Hahah look at this!" I کہا as i got my camera from the drawer " This is defo one for the album!" I took the picture and put my camera back
"Hey, where is michelle?" Amy asked
"I dunno" I replied
"Come on lets get some grub" amy کہا as she stood up
I put my hand out indicating to her to pull me up, "Upppp i go" I groaned.
We went downstairs to find michelle sitting in the living room with a cup of coffee and the موسیقی channel on.
"Hey" She کہا without...
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