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posted by GabriellaAdams
Annas POV:

Today's accomplishments
Making Courtney mad check
Destorying the house check
Made to school alive check
My imaginary checklist was interrupted,
"God your slow minded today"Courtney complained
I came reliaze we were parked in the school parking lot
"That wasn't what what آپ کہا when I locked آپ in the bathroom early"I smirked
"oh hahaha now get out so I can lock the car"she mocked
Walking down the halls is always my least پسندیدہ part of the day.People watching me for no reason,people whispering in ears.As usual this stupid guy thats on the football team stops me just to call me a name.
"What are آپ looking at,queer?"he yelled
I never bother saying anything back since that's what my mother told me to do when someone bothers you,but as always my friend,Drew steps in.
Drew's apprearence wasn't like the any other,he had light brown hair,green eyes. He looks the same as he did when we were little.He was muscular,and from time to time I thought he was handsome.Then after Drew defended me my friend amber would ask if I was okay.I'd known her when we were little too.
She was dirty blonde hair and one blue eye and one brown.
"Thanks Drew"I said
"Anytime"he smiled with dimples
"I know"giggled
"okay if y'all are done with y'alls little love fest آپ gott going on,I'd like to know why are آپ wobbling like a پینگوئن, پیںگان and why does Courtney look like someone stained انگور رس, جوس on her head"Amber joked
"I'm wobbling??"I asked
"Kinda,did y'all get in a fight?"Drew worried
"I locked her in the bathroom.."
"Nevermind that's good enough"amber smiled
I explained the whole thing to them as we walked to class
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 Its Gotta Be You<3
Its Gotta Be You<3
*Nena's P.o.v*

I was in History class listening to coach Hulse give a very boring lecture on The Cold War. It was hard for me not to fall asleep

>Nena< ur gonna HATE history 2day!
>Mira< why!?
>Nena< Lecture!!! :/

She didn't text back... then..

>Mira< OMG!! I jst meet other one of the new guys!!
>Nena< What!?? First Liz now u..what's his name?
>Mira< oh Nena u met Harry I'm sure you'll meet one..Liam
>Nena< lol true. Cute! <3

When the گھنٹی, بیل rang I quickly put my stuff in my backpack and went to my locker. Mira was standing there with a Guy who I'm guessing...
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