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Via's POV
It was around 6:30 a.m. when I woke up. I saw that Zayn's is not in the room. The place where he slept is already clean so i got up and arranged my bed. I combed my hair and heads to the باورچی خانے, باورچی خانہ to prepare breakfast. When I got to the dining area, i was shocked because there's already pancakes, plates, cups and etc. Then Zayn greeted me. "Good morning, beautiful," he کہا while bringing our coffee to the dining area.
Via: Wow.

Zayn smiled at me. He guided me when i was about to sit on the chair. He sat across me. When I was about to put some پینکیکس on my plate, he stopped me.
Zayn: No, i'll do it for you.

He puts some پینکیکس on my plate.
Zayn: There آپ go.

Gosh, he's such a gentleman.
He then poured coffee in my cup from the coffee machine. Then he ate.
Via: Thank you.
Zayn: No problem. Thanks for letting me stay here, Via.
Via: آپ are welcome.

Then I took a sip on my coffee and took a bite on my pancake. Just then, I caught Zayn staring at me and I swear I can feel my cheek turn red.
Via: Why are آپ staring?
Zayn: Nothing. (smiles)

I smiled back.
Via: Did آپ made the pancakes?

He nods,
Via: It's delicious.
Zayn: (smiles) So are آپ free today?
Via: Yes and why?
Zayn: It's just I didn't go on a tour around Paris yet and.. آپ know..
Via: What are آپ trying to say?
Zayn: Via, would آپ like to hang out with me today?
Via: Okay...

I took a شاور and Zayn took a شاور at the other bathroom near the staircase.
I'm wearing this: link . I bring my camera.

Zayn is wearing this: link

He looks cool...
Zayn: Via, i forgot today's Marchelo's دن off.
Via: oh no worries. I'll call my driver.
Zayn: okay.

Fabrizio arrived and we head outside. Zayn locks the door and the gate. Fabrizio greeted me.
Fab: Good morning, madame.

He saw Zayn and whispered to me "Madame, is he your boyfriend?" then he giggled. I laughed at the thought that he thinks Zayn's my boyfriend.
Via: No, we're just friends.

Zayn's POV

Even though I didn't hear what Via's driver whispered to her, I know it's all about me. When Via کہا "No, we're just friends", I can't help but smiled at the thought that this man thought i'm Via's boyfriend. I really wish she's mine...again. And If that'll happen, I will never ever hurt her.

Via: So come on.

We got inside the car. Me and Via sat at the back.
Via: So where are we heading, Zayn?
Zayn: Uhmm the Eiffel Tower?
Via: (smiles) okay. I know many places here in Paris and I can tour you.
Zayn: (smiles)

I held her hand and she looks at our hands and smiles. It's like we're the only people in the world. I don't want this moment to end.

When we arrived at the Eiffel Tower, we got out of the car still holding hands. Via gets her camera and took many pictures of the place. She walks away taking many pictures and i'm just standing there feeling the warm breeze of the Paris air.
Via calls me.
Via: Zayn! Come here!

I went closer to her. She points the camera at us.
Via: Smile.

I put my arm around her waist and she took a picture of us. She showed it to me and we look like a happy couple. I love these moments. I sat on the گھاس and Via took a stolen shot of me.
Zayn: Hey.
I ran to her and looks at the picture.

Via: (laughs) Don't worry Zayn آپ look handsome.

I blushed. Haha.
Via sat on the گھاس and I sat beside her. She took a picture of us. She told me to smile but instead of smiling I kissed her cheek. We look at the picture and I smiled shyly. Via just smiled at the pic. I thought she'll be mad because I kissed her cheek,,

As we're walking around the tower a lady approached us and drags us to a stall of random things. Then we read the words at the upper part of the stall. It says:

We got shocked upon reading it. Via told the woman:
Via: We're not a couple.

upon hearing it, my smile faded.
When Via told the lady we're not a couple, it seems like she didn't understand what Via's saying.
Lady: quoi? {what?}
Via: I کہا me and this guy.. not together..
Lady: quoi? {what?}
Zayn: Elle a dit que nous ne sommes pas un couple. {She کہا we are not a couple}
Lady: (gets disappointed) Désolé. Mais vous et la jeune fille sont mignons tous les deux, {Sorry. But آپ and the girl are cute together}

I saw Via smiling when she heard those words.
Via: Pas de soucis. {no worries.}

The lady smiled and me and Via continued on our way. We sat on a bench and I held her hand.
Zayn: I was thinking about what the lady کہا earlier.
Via: (chuckles) She thought we're a couple.
Zayn: Yeah. آپ know what, Via. I miss the times we had when we're still together.
Via: Zayn, let's not talk about it.
Zayn: Please, Via. It's just I want آپ back.
Via: (ignores) Let's go home. (walks away and gets inside the car)

When we got home, she immediately change her clothes into her pjs and lays on her bed.
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I wake up from Louis and Niall coming in arguing. "Niall, we have take away from Nandos all the time" Louis shouts. "So, your the one saying we should go to Frances, that place is horrible" Niall shouts back. "You've never even eaten there" Louis says rolling his eyes. "I did to" Niall کہا turning his back to Louis crossing his arms. "no, آپ didn't" Louis says turning his back to Niall crossing his arms. "If آپ two were going to fight.. why did آپ come into my room?" I asked. "Because... i don't reall know" louis کہا scratching his temple. "Hey, Harry when are we going to Cheshire" Niall...
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Alright before I begin I want to ask, do آپ like the title? Lol!! I think I am going to try and post a 'News Blues' every week about what's going on, and get to know my readers better, and see if anybody has سوالات for me یا anything! Good idea? If آپ have any سوالات for me (Any at all) message me یا put your سوال in the تبصرے below and I will message آپ the answer!!!!
Now that I have that out of the way I want to take sometime and talk about this weeks 'News Blues'. It's about my new ideas....

1) Stories. My first idea is, Stories. I feel like my story, Another World, is going...
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Suddenly I felt really hot,I opened my eyes to see I was at a U.S. military base in the desert somewhere.There were about 7 large tan tents,men dressed in camo,walking in and out.
I got up out of the dirt and hurried to hide in a tent,my instincts told me to blend in.A young man walked in the tent,I panicked and punched him,he was knockout cold.i started to freak our but I managed to stay calm...barely.I took his uniform and put it on,I hurried then walked out.I unnoticed ran inside a different tent,I then looked back to see a few guys a walk in the tent I was once in.Shortly after,I heard...
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______________Part 1.___________________

Madisions P.O.V

I ran downstairs when i heard it i ran and saw and saw glass broken i sigh in relief. i turn and saw somebody else reallly 2 people 2. he grabs me but i elbow his stomache and run downstairs. i check out the window and see miley and the lads coming home.

Mileys P.O.V

we were in the car blastining titanium when their was a black وین in the driveway. we parked in when we heard a scream it sounded just like madisions me and niall turned facing each other in worry.

Madisions P.O.V

i was banging on the windows when somebody grabs me with a towel...
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The boys won three awards last night. I still haven't got any hate and it's been like... 22 hours!
I woke up snuggled up to Harry in his hotel room, I smiled to myself and fell back asleep. When I woke up Harry wasn't there anymore. I was in my بستر at the Jonas's house. Dani was flicking me. "Someones here to talk to you!" She کہا walking out the room and Harry came in. I smiled. I sat up and he sat سے طرف کی me. I took his hand, "Hey sweety what's up?" I asked smiling at him. "Good now that I have آپ back!" He kissed me.

Hannah POV:

Me and Zayn where at Wal*Mart trying to find a trampoline. I passed...
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~ آپ ‘ re Not The One For Me ~ ( Part 1 )
Zayn ‘ s P . O . V
“ Im sorry I just cant do this right now . “ I said
“ Why not . ? “ Kayla asked while looking at the ground
“ Cause . . Cause of . . “
“ Cause of بنفشی, وایلیٹ . . ? Zayn she is with Harry , not آپ . She is in love with Harry and not آپ . “
“ I don’t care . . . I love her . . “
“ Well she doesn’t love آپ . . آپ have to اقدام on . آپ have to find someone else . “
“ But , I don’t want anyone else . I want her . “
“ There are other people in the world . “
“ But I want her to be mine . “
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Ally's P.O.V

I ran inside my house and sobbed when someone knocks at the door. I look and it's Harry I slam the door and run back. He knocks again what do آپ want آپ liar betrayer how could آپ do-" I got cut off with a passionate kiss. "I was waiting for the right time to tell آپ I'm sorry I love آپ so much I never meant to hurt آپ please let's start over" he Sid ith tears streaming down. " Alriight but be honest know if آپ want this realashinship to last"I say smiling, we hang out for a hike I knew that this was going to be a great start.

Authors note: sorry it was so short abs a shout out to 1Dlover1D
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*Sorry it took so long!):*

Liam POV: Three months later.....

I was sitting in my car driving to Nando's with the boys. We walked in and sat down at a table, Louis went to the bathroom. Some girls keep looking at us. They got closer and closer.
"Hi.....Are آپ one direction?" She asked Harry, Niall ran away screaming. I laughed.
"No....those guys are..." He pointed to five old guys sitting سے طرف کی us. The tall blonde laughed.
"Wow they must ترمیم one direction a lot!"
"This shhh is bananas!" Zayn yelled standing on a chair. Cops came in.
"Uh oh it's the po po!" I کہا running and hiding under the girls...
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Tori's POV:

I sigh in relief as I get out of the شاور and dry off. The heat has been restored to my body. But there is still a seed of worry in my stomach. The papparazzi had a picture of Niall and me kissing. That would damage his career and Louis's. I frown and slip Louis's shirt. I'd definately be labeled as a cheater. There'd be no way in changing that.

"Tori." called a voice. I froze. It was Niall. "Tori, I'm coming in." I sat on the floor when he opened the door of the bathroom. "We have a really big problem." he کہا slowly. I looked at him, brushing my hair out of my face. "I know."...
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One Direction is taking over Radio Disney today! They're stopping سے طرف کی Radio Disney at 3pmPT/6pmET for an acoustic performance of "More Than This." Plus Alli Simpson will get the deets on what's inside the mind of One Direction! Alli spilled, "Wanna know the secret event I'm attending? I'm getting the privilege to شامل میں @ONEDIRECTION in the Radio Disney studios and interview them!" The acoustic performance is also kicking off a special week of programming on the new Disney network on YouTube ( starting June 26! Check out the exclusive video on YouTube!
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Julli’s POV
I waved bye to the boy’s as we drove to Adi’s house.
“put in our CD” asked Adi, we had made a CD with each other, last ماہ and listened to it all the time. Drunk سے طرف کی Ed Sheeran began and we sang along the whole car ride ہوم to whichever song came on. When Adi pulled into her drive-way , I saw her family sitting on their front porch, and her dad was grilling.
“ Hola, Julli, como estas?” (how are you?) asked her mom , giving me a warm smile. I felt like Adi’s house, was y real home, and seeing her family brought on a smile on my face.
“Bien, thank you” (good) her...
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Lillian's P.o.V 

Once Semra and I arrived ہوم I started to pack all the stuff that I needed. Was I did that I got dressed, I was wearing green skinny jeans with a white t-shirt with blue stripes. "do آپ think that's all?" I asked. 
"yeah!" I said
Then I went to my car to start packing. Semra کہا that she will come too but not to the concert. On the way to the کنسرٹ Semra and I were listening to some 1D songs, Semra seemed to like a few. once we got to the کنسرٹ place there was all ready over 1000 girls there even know it starts in half an hour. I found my نشست and sat down. I couldn't...
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Dylan’s POV:

I guess آپ could say I was living the dream of every teenage girl on the face of this planet. I was best دوستوں with Harry Styles, and he invited me to travel on tour with him and the rest of One Direction. I’d admit it, I was hesitant at first. Everyone thinks Harry and I are dating, so I get a lot of hate mail. It just wasn’t so, and I don’t think that would ever happen. He’s Harry Styles, for Christ’s sake.

I laughed at Louis Tomlinson and Niall Horan who were having a contest to see who could balance the most کوکیز on their face. “You guys look like total idiots.”...
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