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Ronnies POV:
Holding dereks hand made me fill confident,I was smiling ear to ear.My mind kept repeating "I'm holding his hand!"
I only focused on that,it made me ignore,the loud noises of the busy school hallways.The only thing that stopped me is a flier,
For football.
"Hey آپ should try out."said Angel to Derek.
"Um,I don't know.."he's کہا unsurely.
"I think it would be cute."I smiled.
At that spilt سیکنڈ I کہا that,He grabbed the pen and wrote his name down.
"Hey,Your going to be on the team?"Rebecca walked up to us.
"Um,yea.Where were you?"he asked.
"I was not in the boys locker room."She کہا as if she were lieing.
"Sure,Now who did آپ see this time?"Smiled angel.
"What but I just came from..."Said Derek.
"Only a few boys were in there."She کہا with a smirk.
"Then what took آپ so long?"
She then smiled at Derek and patted his stomach.
"Oh some guy was measuring hisself after the other guys left."
Derek turned a deep shade of red.
"Really?You seen?How long?"Angel asked cluelessly.
"It was pretty impressive."she laughed.
"Really who?"she asked again.
"Oh my god,it was Derek."I told her.
Her face froze,then she ran to the bathroom.
Me and Rebecca were rolling it was so funny,Derek was so embarrassed.
posted by aanikamerchant
Alex and Alice are twin sisters . They are totally same each and everything is alike except the hair Alex has brown hair and alice  has black. Alex is Proudy and Alice is humble . 
Tiffany , Shenali , Emily and lia were Alice's friend . Alex had no frnds . Cz she used to hurt everyone . They all study in the same class. 
Alice always used to forget and forgive Alex Bt Alex used to do the same thing again and again. Alex Nd Alice moms got divorced and Alice stayed vth her mom and Alex went with her dad. 
Shenali and Alice were bestfriend since childhood . Alice and Alex dont evn know یا remember each other . Shenali . Lia and Alice used to work at a cafe . And when Alice's mom used to me used to be out of town they all used to stay at Alice's Plc it was their سیکنڈ home 
posted by MadisonFontenot
Sorry it's so short! But it's good! I think/:

Louis POV:

I walked out of the hotel room to get something to drink. I tried to be quiet because it was almost 2 a.m. I grabbed a dollar from my pocket and put it in the machine. Um... coke. My stomach growled so I got some gummy bears. I walked back into the room and laid down. We where leaving for London tomorrow morning.

Taylor POV:(In the morning)

Me and Niall have been getting really close and he is like my best friend, but I want us to be مزید than just friends. I packed up my bag and walked into him and Liam's room. Liam wasn't in there so...
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~Part 2- I guess I was wrong~

Ruby POV:

"Baby آپ light up my world like nobody else!" I sang while trying on all my clothes. "No. Ew. Defiantly not. What was I thinking?!" i کہا looking at the dresses. "There آپ go!" I pulled out a dress. The party was tonight and I want to look good for Joe. link I walked out of my room, bare-footed, and bumped into Harry. "Well آپ look cute!" He smiled at me. I roll my eyes and skip down the stairs. "Hey, Lou!" I grabbed the سیب, ایپل Louis had in his hand and bite into it. "Hey, Ruby..." I smiled and chewed the apple, "Thanks for this delicious apple!" I kissed...
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Poor Louis !
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