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Near the notice board at school where every information regarding the exam was put:
Niome was driving her hand on the notice board and came to know that she should write her exam in block “D” and classroom no. 10
She had all the materials needed for an exam and was nearing the block where she saw a group of 5 boys an 1 girl …they looked different from others. Their way of dressing was also different.
A guy from that group smiled at her… but she didn’t smile back at him
Niome wore a cute white churdidhar(a traditional dress in India) in which she looked like an angel
Niome was very much tensed when she entered the room and so she was crushing the handkerchief which was in her hand. She became مزید tensed when the guy who smiled at her had to sit beside her!
The guy:hey! My name is Niall. What’s yours?
Niome gave him a black look and he kept quiet.the invigilator came in.
Invigilator: I need perfect silence! And here is your سوال paper…
Everyone got the سوال paper.Niome’s face changed the اگلے سیکنڈ when she saw her سوال paper.
Niome answered most of the سوالات and after 2 hours she started crying. Niall was seeing all this. He was staring at her the whole time.
The گھنٹی, بیل rang
Invigilator: Time is over! I need all of your answer sheets!
Niome’s paper became a bit wet because of her tears
Niall met everyone(his friends) near the canteen.
Niall: well I’m very very hungry….
They reached the canteen where everything was available to eat….
Most of the tables were full. So, harry was searching for tables where only one girl was sitting in a table.
Harry: what about that میز, جدول will she allow us to share the میز, جدول with her?
Eleanor: let’s ask her
Niall: I know her she sat right اگلے to me during the exam and I came to know that her name is Niome
Liam: did she tell آپ her name?
Niall: no, I just peeped into her paper when she was filling her name in the answer sheets
Zayn: ارے guys just look at her.. her eyes are red maybe she must be crying for hours..
Niall: yeah that’s true she’s been crying in the exam hall for nearly an hour..
Louis: Do آپ know why?
Niall: Nope
Eleanor: come on boys let’s talk to her..
Eleanor to Niome: Can we share the میز, جدول with you?
Niome: Yeah sure…
Liam: can I know why are آپ crying?
Niome: it’s a problem..
Zayn: آپ can tell us we are your friends
Niome got a call from her mother.
The phone conversation:
Niome: hey! Mom where are you?
Caroline: I’m near the gate. How did آپ write the exams?
Niome: never speak to me about it..please
Caroline: Ok! Bye dear will call u after a few minutes
End of phone conversation
Announcement was made through the megaphone
Principal: the results have come.. students can know their results and the rank holders from 1 to 19 are selected for getting admission in this school…thank آپ an d the results are put on the notice board. Thankyou
Niome to everyone: ok bye I got to check the results
Everyone: meet آپ at school.bye.
Niome went running to the notice board and she got the 10th rank.
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Vidas POV

This دن started awesome , I wake up & my mom was into the kitchen. She preperad
Breakfast for all . I slept awesome that night . I was dreaming about Liam . As school have ended , me and my besties decided to go a morning walk یا go to a bakery & eat
Breakfast together . I took the message from Ieva :
‘’10:15 be out of your house , we will come & pick آپ with Annas car , ok ? ‘’
And of course I replied ok. I had almost 30 منٹ to prepared so I put some casual
Clothes , my all-star shoes , little make up & I made my hair a ponytail.
The girls was on time &...
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