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posted by aanikamerchant

Tess'sPOv: we all were in a club drinking when Niall and linda joined us 
Louis: let's dance 
Tess: oh k we all began to dance.
I was dancing vth Louis tomilson . Bt 
There was still confusion in my mind. 
Louis and we all left the club. The paps were asking questions. The boys wanted to answer them so we stood اگلے to them. 
Paps: one direction who is your girlfriend.
Louis pulled me closer to him and کہا " this one" Liam and the rest did the same.
Louis: u scared
Tess: no I have a habit of this 
Louis: how
Tess: dad and luke are famous so whenever i go out alone people always gather around 
Louis: ooooo evn ur famous. 
Tess: that's y I m never left alone. 
Paps: how long have u been in a relationship 
Louis: a day 
Paps: so y guys are freshers to the love world 
Louis: yeah 
I wispher to Louis: let's leave now 
Louis: ok bye everyone 
And we all left. Niall was texting someone. I was still confused about Niall and Linda. 
Louis: Tess wat is it 
Tess: nothing 
Louis: say it to me 
Tess: I heard Liam and Harry say that he can't forget about Aaliya 
Louis: who can't 
Tess: niall Bt ..... He loves Linda right 
Louis: no Linda is jst a fake girlfriend 
Tess: so whom does Niall actually like 
Louis: Aaliya 
Tess: ok Bt they fight a lot 
Louis: that's y we told him to forget Aaliya 
Tess: yeah doing that would be better 
Louis: Bt he jst can't. 
Tess: he should jst tell Aaliya what he feels about her and then let her decide 
Louis: he jst can't do that 
Tess: poor Niall 
Louis: don't tell anything to Aaliya about this 
Tess: I won't 
We all were walking when we turned around to see everyone . All disappeared. 
Tess: where did everybody go 
Louis: to spend some time alone. 
Tess: ok 
Louis pulled me near to him and said"let's spend some time alone" 
Tess: Bt doing wat 
Louis: this 
And he kissed my lips. I kissed back 
We were kissing each other for almost half an hour. 
Tess: now let's go back 
Louis: no plz 
Tess: Louis lets go 
Louis: I was getting addicted to it 
Tess: good I stooped you 
Louis: jst one last kiss 
Tess: last one 
Louis leaned and kissed my lips and this kiss lasted for 5mins. Every time i use to pull back he used to Kiss again. 
Tess: Louis stop ( still kissing) 
Louis: no way 
Tess: یا els I vl leave you 
Louis: ok ok 
Louis: let's go 
Tess: where 
Louis: jst come 
He pulled me to the car and we drove home. When we reached there he picked  me up in a bridal style and we went in his room. 
Louis: u can't stop me from kissing here 
Tess: I can 
Louis: try it 
Tess: statue 
Louis: that doesn't work for me 
He an I were running in the whole room. I to avoid his kiss and he was running to kiss me. I stumbled and fell on the بستر and he was above me. 
Louis: let's start from here. 
I tried to push him away Bt he was too strong. He kiss my lips softly and I لپیٹ, لفاف کریں my arms around his neck. He started to un button his شرٹ, قمیض then my shirts . After sometime we were lying under one blanket. 
Louis: are آپ sleepy 
Tess: yes 
Louis: good night 
Tess: u won't go away 
Louis: I won't 
I slept on his chest. And he was playing vth my hairs. I always wanted a boyfriend like this . Who would stay vth me each and every منٹ of his life. 
Tess: I love you 
Louis: I love آپ more 
After that I went to sleep. 

Liam'sPOV: I and Shenali went ہوم from the ساحل سمندر, بیچ when everyone started to separate.
Shenali: do u want to sleep 
Liam: yeah 
Shenali: ok good night 
Liam: not that way 
Shenali: then how ( confused ) 
Liam: with you 
Shenali: no no no no 
Liam: plz plz plz 
I went closer to her and kissed her lips softly . She kissed back. She wanted to pull back Bt I didn't let her. I broke the kiss and picked her up in a bridal way and push  her on the bed. And kissed her everywhere. She was enjoying it too. After sometime we both went to sleep .

Kia'sPoV: I and Harry were hanging around the ساحل سمندر, بیچ and Harry pulled me to the car . An drive it fast . 
Kia: Harry slow down 
Harry: y r u scared 
Kia: yes 
Harry: I wont let anything یا anyone hurt you 
Kia: Bt plz jst slow down 
Harry: we are there 
Kia: it's the ساحل سمندر, بیچ house 
Harry: yeah 
Kia: I thought u loved hanging around the beach 
Harry: yeah I do 
Kia: so y would we come here 
Harry: cz I like my بستر room more 
Kia: ok 
We both went into the house. I went into my room an he went into his room. I got changed into my pjs and I heard a knock on the door . And Harry came in. He was jst wearing his boxers and was shirtless. He looked hot like super hot. 
Kia: I thought آپ wanted to sleep 
Harry: yeah 
Kia: so y are آپ here 
Harry: to say goodnight to my sleep. 
Kia: wat. I didn get u 
Harry: I vl explain 
Kia: ok 
Harry locked the door and came closer to me. 
Harry: if I kiss آپ all night then how m I going to sleep. So I jst came to say goodnight to my sleep. " 
Kia: wat do u mean سے طرف کی kiss all..... 
Before I could Complete my sentence he was kissing me . 
Harry: no talking 
Kia: ok ( blushing) 
After sometime he was not wearing  his boxers and I was no مزید wearing my pjs. Harry went to sleep early. I took his hand and slept too. He took me in his arms and کہا " good night " i kissed his cheecks and کہا "good night "then we both went to sleep. 

Zayn'sPOV: Giana and I were in the car talking to each other Niall and Linda were there too. We all reached  home. I And Giana sat in the living room and Niall went to his room and Linda to hers. 
I pulled Giana's hand and کہا " come zee told me to give آپ something " 
Giana: zee???? 
Zayn: yeah 
We went up I gave her a piece of paper . Giana read it 
" do wat zayn says xxxx zee" 
Giana: it's ur handwriting 
Zayn: cz zee told me to write it 
Giana: stop lying 
Zayn: so u have to do wat I say
Giana: ok so will I have to do 
Zayn: kiss me 
Giana: wat 
Zayn: come on kiss me 
Giana kissed my cheecks and کہا " happy " 
Zayn: I mean here (Pointing my lips.....)
Giana: are آپ mad 
Zayn: yes 
Giana: jst one 
Zayn: no 5 
Giana: 1 
Zayn: u do wat I say 
Giana: ok 
She kissed my lips and I started to count. She wrapped her arms around my neck and I caught her waist. My fingers were counting . Bt she stopped my fingers and continued to kiss. Slowly slowly I took her towards the بستر . And started to unbutton her. After some time we both were lying naked and talking . 
Zayn: I knew this would work 
Giana: smart 
Zayn: thank you 
Giana: I was telling it to my self 
Zayn: I love you 
Giana: and I love 
Zayn: me 
Giana: no zee 
Zayn': Thats not fair 
Giana: everything is fair in love 
Zayn: Bt I love you 
Giana: when did I say no 
Zayn: so u should say I love آپ too 
Giana: yeah I know that 
Zayn: say it 
Giana: fine I love آپ too. 
Zayn: and I love آپ three. 
Giana: and now let's go to bed 
Zayn: ok good night 
Giana: good night 
She slept and I was starting at her beautiful Plc 
Giana: if u don't stop starring at me I will tell it to zee 
Zayn: ok ok 
We both laughed and went to bed.
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