Harry: He claps his hand over your mouth, frowning. "Y/N! That was naughty. You're too sweet to be swearing. Now say sorry." He makes آپ apologize every time آپ curse, and if آپ don't, he refuses to kiss یا hug آپ until آپ do.

Zayn: Zayn thinks it's incredibly hot when آپ swear, which gets him into trouble sometimes. When you're mad at him and begin cussing him out, he'll try to kiss you, just making آپ even مزید mad, and causing آپ to cuss more.

Louis: "Do آپ kiss your mother with that mouth?" he chuckles. "Well, آپ can still kiss me. I don't care if your mouth is dirty. I've got plenty of gum," he says, drawing آپ close and pecking آپ on the lips.

Niall: He's a bit of a potty mouth himself, and he tries to not curse around آپ as much, but sometimes he slips, and the habit has rubbed off on you. "Christ, your mum's going to kill me," he mumbles after آپ let out a stream of particularly colorful words.

Liam: Although he usually disapproves of swearing, he thinks it's adorable when آپ do, since you're usually so ladylike. He'll reply with one of his own "swear words," such as fudgsicles یا poo, making آپ laugh.