Zayn: If he knows that you're angry, he'll instantly bring آپ to lie down with him. As you're laying on your sides, your back to him and his front facing you, Zayn will لپیٹ, لفاف کریں his arms around آپ and pull آپ close to him, kissing a spot behind your ear, and sometimes he'll nibble on your ear lobe, because he knows that's what keeps آپ calm. All of his love and affection.

Harry: When you're angry around Harry, he knows exactly what to do to keep آپ happy. First he'll sit آپ down on the سوفی, لٹانا and draw آپ closer to him, his arm wrapped tight around your shoulders as he lets آپ rant about why you're angry. Then, he'll kiss your head and tell آپ that everything will be okay, just before he starts singing to you, because he knows that his voice is what keeps آپ calm.

Niall: The moment he senses that you're angry, he'll stop whatever he's doing, and he'll pull آپ into the باورچی خانے, باورچی خانہ as he fixes آپ a quick meal to eat, with one of your پسندیدہ beverages. Niall will sit beside آپ as آپ pick at your food and slowly eat and drink, and you'll talk about your دن as he keeps eye contact with you, letting آپ know that he's there to love you, because that's what keeps آپ calm. Niall's love.

Louis: "What're آپ so mad for, (Y/N)?" Louis asks you, holding your hand in his as he pulls آپ to the bed, cuddling with آپ under your blankets. آپ shrug your shoulders and sigh. "I just hate everything at the moment," آپ whisper back, snuggling closer to him if it was possible. Louis chuckles lightly under آپ as he rubs your hair for you, kissing your head multiple times as he lets آپ talk about your day, while he quietly adds some jokes to make آپ laugh, because he knows that it's his great sense of humor that keeps آپ calm.

Liam: آپ stumble into your apartment, your back hurting from carrying your bag on your back all day. Liam comes downstairs and smiles down at you, walking over as he hugs آپ close and gives آپ a quick kiss. "Have a nice day, love?" he asks you, but آپ just shake your head vigorously as tears fall silently down your cheeks. "No! It was an awful day!" آپ scream. Liam senses you're angry, and he brings آپ to the bathroom, where he's already ran a nice bubble bath for you. Of course, he didn't forget the soft موسیقی and rose petals, to give it that relaxing feeling. "You just relax, and I promise when آپ get out, آپ can rant all آپ want." he smiles as he lets آپ bathe, because that's what calms آپ down. Ranting, bathing, and some bubbles!