Zayn: He finds out آپ are a dancer one دن when he is aimlessly roaming the streets of L.A. آپ were supposed to be in school, but آپ had a free گھنٹہ and decided to hit the streets with your friends. Zayn came upon a large group of people, surrounding three girls. He got curious so he stepped up only to realize one of the dancers was his girlfriend. The hip hop موسیقی rattled his brain, but he couldn’t help but smile. When it was over, he clapped and hollered, “That’s my girlfriend!”

Niall: He finds out آپ are a dancer whenever he comes ہوم one دن and آپ are playing Just Dance 3. آپ were a horrible dancer, but for laughs had decided to buy the game. آپ weren’t expecting Niall to be ہوم this early, so when he walked through the door, آپ stopped mid step and felt your face burn red. “Since when do آپ dance?” He asked, walking over to آپ and grabbing a remote. “C’mon. I’ll play with you.”

Louis: He finds out you’re a dancer from your mother. Your parents came over for رات کے کھانے, شام کا کھانا one night and somehow آپ had gotten on the conversation of dancing. آپ tried to change the subject and when that didn’t work, آپ slouched down into your نشست and tried to become invisible. “Yes, she was a great dancer. Could have gone onto any dance school in New York, but she gave it up for photography.” Your mother gave آپ a disappointed look, but Louis placed his hand on your leg, giving it a squeeze. Of course when آپ got ہوم that night, Louis made آپ دکھائیں him your moves and for his entertainment, آپ weren’t allowed to wear clothes.

Liam: He finds out you’re a dancer when آپ force him to go to a dance class. He really doesn’t want to, but because آپ are making him, he has no other choice. The dancing comes easy for you, one-two-step, one-two-step. آپ try to help Liam learn, but he stands there like a lost puppy, his eyes begging آپ to let him leave. آپ give him a smirk as the teacher continues teaching, this time the dance in the rumba. When Liam learns how sensual the dance is, he instantly changes his mind.

Harry: He finds out you’re a dancer when آپ first go to a club with him. All he wants to do is sit and talk and for a while, آپ are okay with it. But then your پسندیدہ song comes on and آپ feel the itch in your bones to go out onto the dance floor. آپ pull his hand and in a matter of seconds, آپ are standing with your back to him, his hands on your waist, your hips moving against his. آپ let the موسیقی carry آپ away and آپ can tell Harry is trying to keep up with you. Once the song is over,he leans down to your ear, his hot breath tickling your ear. “Damn, how come I didn’t know آپ could dance like that before? And سے طرف کی the way, we have a problem that needs to be taken care of when we get home.”