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*the عنوان sucks*

Louis tucked a strand of your hair behind your ear,”I missed you”

آپ nodded,”I-I missed آپ too,Lou”

“What’s wrong?” Louis reached out towards you

آپ no longer felt his touch as soon as آپ opened your eyes,”Louis?”

Perrie took a نشست besides you,engulfing آپ in her warm arms. She pat your back softly. Harry surprisingly walked in,his eyes full of sorrow. آپ studied each of their eyes,wanting to hit them for not just telling آپ right then and there. They made it مزید difficult just looking away from you. آپ shut your eyes again,feeling Louis اگلے to you,holding your hand tightly.

-“I did it for you,babe” Louis whispered

“Did what?” آپ questioned,wanting to just snog him right then and there

Louis sighed,”I commit suicide. The hate got to me. I don’t want آپ to be like me. I don’t want آپ to let the hate get to you. Being with آپ was amazing. I hope one دن we can meet each other again. I love you,just know that. Tell the boys to continue singing. To not let my death ‘cause them to break up. Don’t let them. Tell Perrie that her and the girls should keep it up no matter how hurt Zayn is. Tell Harry to not be so depressed about me going away. I know we’re best friends,but I need him to be okay. Please.”

“LOUIS! Why’d آپ do it?!” آپ practically screamed,squeezing his hand that seemed transparent

“I did it for the sake of our love” Louis muttered,leaning in towards you-

آپ opened your eyes,”H-he’s gone,isn’t he?”

Perrie bit her bottom lip,”I’m sorry,baba. He loved you.”

Harry handed آپ a letter,shutting his eyes and giving آپ a برداشت, ریچھ hug. He tried to release آپ from the hug but آپ still had him in your arms.

“H-harry..I..I love you,okay?” آپ whispered

Harry smiled slightly,trying,”T-thank you”

آپ opened the letter~

To my beautiful girlfriend<3

I’m guessing you’re wondering where I am. Why I’m not with آپ in the bed. Why I’m not engulfing آپ in hugs. You’re wondering why am I so dumb. Well,babe,it was for the best. The hate was getting worse AND worse for me and you. I’m the one that let it get to me. I hope آپ don’t either. I just want آپ to know,I love آپ مزید than I should. Keep living. We’ll meet again someday. Tell Haz,Zayn,Nialler,and Li to continue being a band. Don’t let them break up because of me. I love you. Don’t go into depression. Just know I miss آپ and love you. Tell Perrie to not let Zayn go into depression. Tell Dani the same,but for Liam. I miss you,babe. I’m sorry that I did this. I did it for the sake of us. I couldn’t take people hating on us together. I love آپ all. xxx

“No. No,this isn’t the end! THIS ISN’T THE END OF HIM!” آپ screamed,clutching onto Harry’s shirt.

Harry sighed,”I know that you’re not going to believe this,but it was possibly for the best of him. He had started cutting and taking pills. I knew آپ didn’t notice. That’s why he always wore longsleeves. “

آپ groaned,”I could’ve saved him,but no. I was so concieded and all I cared about was ME getting hate from fans. Those شائقین are the reason Louis isn’t here. He could’ve came ہوم and I would’ve ran into his arms..and..and” آپ burst into tears,”I need him.”

Harry and Perrie both stood up from the bed,heading out the door. آپ could tell they knew آپ wanted privacy right now. آپ shut the door,locking it. آپ knocked on the door to see if anyone was passing by. No one tried opening the door,you ran to the cabinets in the white restroom sink. آپ grabbed a razor,quietly slamming the cabinet door. آپ never wanted to go back to the old days,but آپ were doing it for Louis. آپ dug the razor into your skin,pressing it deeply. آپ pulled it away to see your red blood stain the white tiles of the floor. A small smile appeared on your face. آپ pressed the razor to your skin once again,digging it in your skin. آپ threw the razor to the ground as مزید blood started flowing onto the floor. A pill bottle labelled DO NOT TAKE IF آپ HAVE DEPRESSION were obviously the ones Louis took. They were tightly closed on the sink rim. آپ snatched them from the sink rim and threw the top,taking most of them into your mouth. Only 5 of them were left. آپ took 2 مزید and felt your eyes getting heavy. آپ started swaying from left to right,your vision getting blurry. آپ sat down on the cold hard ground,noticing your blood once again. آپ smiled up at the ceiling.

“I did it for all of you” آپ whispered as your death reached you

Your eyes closed,sending آپ away from this place. آپ and Louis watched over the boys and the girls in heaven. آپ were their guardian angels.

“I love you,Louis”
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