Niall's P.O.V

We were having a interview and now one of the interviewer asked about our girlfriends which that was nothing to do with me and Harry....

Louis, Liam and Zayn were talking about their girlfriends as we were keeping quite listening to them

"So..Harry and don't have a girlfriend but do آپ have a crush?" The interviewer asked

"I don't have one for now" Harry answered then the interviewer looked at me....


Oh yes I have.....

(Y/N) (Your name).......

She is at the back with our manager waiting for us...

I've met her 2years ago.....she was my پرستار and then we bumped after the One Direction concert

Then she asked me if I was Niall Horan and I کہا yes

I got intersted in her so I gave her my number as she gave me back and now we're دوستوں for long

"Well.....yeah......I have a crush" I کہا quietly

"Wow! So are آپ planning to make her your girlfriend?" The interviewer asked

"I want her to be..." I replied then the interviewer nodded with a smile

He sat down as other interviewer asked some random سوال about our tour and the interview finished after 20minutes

I went out and (Y/N) was waiting smiling

"So آپ have a crush?" (Y/N) asked handing me the water bottle

"Well, yeah.." I کہا drinking my water

When (Y/N) was about to go I grabbed her arms as she turned around confuse

"What?" She asked

"I wanna talk to you...can I?" I asked

She then nodded slowly as I took her somewhere where we can be alone

Then I turned around still holding (Y/N)'s arm but then I held her hand making her shiver

"(Y/N) don't get nervous" I کہا smiling

"I--I'm..not nervous" She کہا trying to hide it

"You know you're awful at hiding your feelings?" I کہا pulling her closer to me making her مزید nervous and she started to blush

I smiled looking at how she act cause she was soo cute

"What are آپ doing Niall?" She asked nervous

"I کہا stop being nervous....just relax...I'm not gonna bite you" I کہا

Then she nodded as she tried herself to relax and I rubbed her back making her calm down

She suddenly smiled.........her beautiful smile.....which I melted

"(Y/N)...." I کہا under my breaths...

"Yeah?" She replied

Then I crushed my lips on hers making her surprise......

But then she kissed me back as I wrapped my arms around her waist and she wrapped her arms around my neck

We've kissed for like 5minutes then pulled away breathless

Then I stared deeply to her eyes holding her waist pulling her closer to me

"(Y/N)...I've had a crush on آپ for soo long...can آپ be my girl?" I asked

(Y/N) widened her eyes then blushed looking down

Then she looked up at me again

She nodded slowly making me smile

"Ofcourse I will....." She کہا

Then I slowly moved my face closer to her again as we crushed our lips again.....

We've kissed passionately and smiled while the kiss

We pulled away and smiled

"I think آپ should go back now" (Y/N) کہا kissing my cheeks

"Yeah" I کہا

Then I took her hand as we went back

"Hey Niall--" Harry کہا turning around then he found me holding (Y/N)'s hands then smiled

" two dating huh?" Harry asked smirking

"Yeah...and...what's that smirk?" I asked

"LADSSSSSS NIALL AND (Y/N) IS DATING!!" Harry suddenly yelled as the lads came running then making the interviewers rush to us but the security stopping them

"WHAT?!!" Liam yelled smiling

"Did آپ start dating just now?" Zayn asked calmly

"Yeah" (Y/N) answered looking at me smiling

I smiled back then kissed her forhead

"Awww love birds!" Louis کہا

"Now Harry آپ should get a girlfriend" Liam said

"Well.....I will stay single and imagine my پرستار as a girlfriend" Harry کہا smirking at me

"You took my idea" I کہا laughing

"Can I?" Harry asked

"Sure" I answered

"Lads now let's go to the اگلے place!!" Paul yelled

"Wait wait!! Niall tell us about your relation ship!!" Many interviewers yelled the same thing

"Well, we've started dating just now so our relationship starts now" I کہا then followed the lads with (Y/N) holding my hand

"I'm sure the news will come up tomorrow" (Y/N) کہا giggling

"It might be today also in the internet" I replied making (Y/N) laugh

"You're right" She کہا then we went inside the limo then went to our اگلے place....