Reading a blog from Directioners Amino and talking about Louis' tweets, I was wondering:

How the boys grew up faster as the artista they are today?
And how they're leading the world even during their boyband hiatus?

So I realised they had their own promo team...
No, I'm not talking about the "Headquarters" (aka, HQ) behind them, I'm talking about us, the whole fandom.

Yes, I know it sounds crazy, but think about it:
♥ We're always promoting their music, videos, performances, songs that ARE NOT singles یا whatever they do.
♥ We stay up all night waiting for the successful singles, موسیقی videos, etc.
♥ We're always participating in lots of پولز voting for them (as a group یا individual) even when half of the fandom left.
♥ We're trying to get مزید records (VEVO, lots of archievements, any kind of cetifications, etc).
♥ Some of us were raising money to boy and get the One Direction's trademark. In other words, we tried to buy them all (including Zayn).
And the best thing is...

Yes, definitely we're their producers, fans, etc, and they love us. Our relationship with the boys is very strong
And everybody recognises it!!

If آپ ever feed sad یا nostalgic, just read this and remember how much important آپ are for this family!!