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posted by johncenaw85oi
A is for: AUDITIONS.
One direction never thought for one سیکنڈ that they were going to be in a group. They all auditioned as soloists. These boys didn’t even know each other until bootcamp! They all came from different parts of England and Ireland. They all got high praises from the judges in their auditions and آپ can watch them here:
Niall’s: link
Harry’s: link
Louis’s: link
Zayn’s: link
Liam’s: link

One direction sang all آپ need is love سے طرف کی the Beatles in week 7. It was an amazing performance as usual! Very lively, upbeat and it puts a big smile on your face! Here is what the judges said:

Louis: “Hey, one direction, thank god for آپ guys! آپ lifted the whole energy in the studio... good to see the fab five singing the fab four. The hysteria here has lifted your game: آپ are in it for the long haul, yes!”

Danni: “guys, another fantastic performance. I’ve always دیا آپ good comments: I just have to say tonight, آپ guys (niall and Zayn) were struggling. I don’t know if it was caught on camera, but آپ were struggling with the backing vocals. آپ didn’t know if آپ were coming in یا out. Don’t let the other guys down, if you’re gonna work as a group آپ have to work as a group.”

Cheryl: “I could get into the whole “I don’t know why your mentor put آپ on a plain platform like that” but I won’t because above everything else, that was another great performance form آپ guys.”

Simon: “who cares about the platform? Can I just say, آپ guys: as always, آپ worked hard, delivered a fantastic, unique version of the song and please for anyone at ہوم who saw what happened last week, please don’t think these guys are safe. This lot (Cheryl, Danni and Louis) do not want آپ to do well in this competition. I do.... please vote!”

Well, I voted for them that week... and I hope آپ did too!!

We all know one direction have been in a LOT of accidents. Like when they nearly burnt the x factor house down! How? آپ may ask: they were making pizza! I don’t know how they managed that to be honest, but its one direction.... so what do آپ expect? But that’s why we all love them, right? Anyway, even though they burnt the pizza, they still ate it! Because ‘they don’t like to waste food’ in the words of niall.

They also flooded the x factor houses سے طرف کی leaving the شاور on. And yes, Simon forgave them for ruining his x factor house. (Thank god!)

Louis also had an accident at judge’s houses. He was stung سے طرف کی a sea urchin when one direction were swimming in the sea at Simon’s house in Marbella. And Liam also had an accident. He got over-excited when he went to a tinie tempah کنسرٹ and when tinie called him out; he tripped over the amp and twisted his ankle.
As آپ can see one direction are VERY accident prone!!!

B coming soon!
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