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Source: Niall Horan , Teen Vogue, 2012
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2 weeks later…

2 weeks passed since that night in the hospital, and everything is going swell. Harry was discharged from the hospital a week پہلے and is slowly but surely on the mend. He and Carter are stronger than ever, and have barely left each others’ sites at all. They’re very much loved up, and felt as though the world was theirs and nothing could bring them down.

Carter and Liam have been bonding a lot مزید too, and have grown closer than ever. Louis, Zayn and Niall were also in high spirits, and they’ve all made amends with Harry. Everything was finally starting to go back to the...
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A week later, everything was finally starting to get back to normal. Carter was a lot less dependent on Harry, and wanted to be alone more. School was no different though, as anytime Harry turned his back, Lucy would think of something horrible to do to Carter. That was the kind of thing that would upset Carter for the day, with the aid of medication doing nothing for her.

Carter’s depression was also putting a large amount of stress on Harry. He didn’t sleep much at night in case something happened to Carter. As of yet nothing has, but آپ can never be sure, right? She may suddenly decide...
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Harry groaned as he got out of بستر the اگلے morning. He dragged himself down the stairs and into the kitchen. He had a bad hangover as a result of the amount of alcohol he had consumed last night and a pounding headache to سب, سب سے اوپر it all off. He opened the drawer and took out two painkillers. He threw them back his throat and forced them down with a glass of water.

He re-heated some left-over پیزا from last night and brought it into the sitting room. He flopped onto the سوفی, لٹانا and switched the channel on the TV, wrapping a duvet around him afterwards.

Not only did Harry have a horrendous headache,...
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#Imagine: آپ are sad. آپ havent seen harry for 2 months. cause of touring and such. he called آپ saying he was hopping on the plane heading back to the U.K. آپ smile and hang up. the اگلے دن آپ get ready and get all beutiful. Eleanor and Danniel waiting to. آپ guys were watching T.V whne breaking news appear. آپ guys read. آپ drop the soda on the floor. آپ collpase. hearing the plane crashed. luckily some people lived. آپ and elanor and dannil. drove to the air-port. some شائقین crying and waiting to see the 5 beutiful lads walk out. Niall, Liam, Zayn, Louis walked out runnig to their...
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Source: Niall Horan,fan sept 2012
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Source: Harry styles Ed Sheeran at باؤ Restaurant 2012
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Source: Harry Styles ,Times Style Magazine - Sep 2012
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Source: Niall Horan,Times Style Magazine - Sep 2012
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To 1d شائقین ASK مزید سوالات !!!!!

Just to get your mind flowing I thought of a few ideas :

1. Who is the youngest member of one direction?
2. What is Harrys favourite colour ?
3.Who was Liams first girlfriend ?
And many مزید سوالات to ask so please do

Hope u have had a nice دن یا r going to txt u later

Plus if u can answering them would be nice

سے طرف کی the way I have no idea the answer to all the سوالات I just asked but a least I asked

P.S. Please visit my پرستار site. :-D