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 Summertime Ball 2015
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This One Direction تصویر might contain pantleg, پنٹلاگ, لمبی پتلون, طویل پتلون, لمبی قمیصوں, گاڑی گزر سڑک, and کآرریاگیوی.

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 this is what آپ wore and how your hair was
this is what you wore and how your hair was
I walk into the Venue where I was performing. In front of all of the شائقین I did some signing and had to go in to the rehearsals. “Who else is on today?” I ask my manager. “Um the One Direction boys” he says looking at me. I smile back at him because he knew I was a پرستار and he also knew that I knew that Niall had a crush on me.

The time goes on and all I can hear is my voice and the voices outside get louder. “Well the boys are here” I say jumping down from the stage to get a drink. “We will go through once and then آپ can go ہوم and get ready for the carpet tonight. I went through...
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