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*Janine's P.O.V
I was really flattered when Niall کہا i was fit yesterday. He is such a sweet guy! i can't believe he could be دوستوں with Harry. Psh.

James- ارے Bud wake up!
Janine- What do آپ want James?
James- Come Downstairs
* Janine walked downstairs and she saw her brother was on the سوفی, لٹانا eating bacon.

James- Come, come sit on Big Daddy's lap
*Janine sits on her brother's lap and he hands her a small plate full of bacon.
Janine- I don't see why آپ had to wake me up at 5:00 just to eat some bacon.
James- That's not why i called آپ bud.
Janine- well hurry up and tell me so i could get back...
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~this absolutely sucks,maybe listen to A Drop In The Ocean سے طرف کی Ron Pope to make it seem better? Haha~

You threw your head back,covering your eyes with the sleeves of your hoodie. آپ were trying so hard to not let the nasty tweets get to you. One tear made its way down your face,ruining some of your eyeliner. آپ started wiping instantly,fixing your makeup.

"What are آپ doing?" Niall walked in,taking your hands away from your watery eyes

You glanced into his bright eyes,looking away,"Nothing"

"Lemme see your laptop!" Niall shouted as he realized what might have...
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