One Piece One Piece Challenge!

Tailedfox66 posted on Jan 07, 2015 at 02:13PM
I know that there are a lot of hilarious gags in One Piece like the crew beating up Luffy for the stubbornness of stuff, Usopp and his many ailments on avoiding every island or even Zoro's and Sanji's rivalry.

The challenge is simple, starting from Episode 001 English Dub/Sub watch through all the Episodes to the latest seeing how far you can get without laughing, smerking or grinning.

If anyone does end up laughing their heads off, type in the comments how far you got and exactly what it was that set you off.

For example I got to Episode 009, it was mainly the Usopp Pirates reaction to when Zoro joked about eating Usopp that got me.
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